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What are some jobs you can get as with a bachelors in biomedical sciences?

Asked Stephenville, Texas

3 answers

Andy’s Answer

Updated Bothell, Washington
Hi one have many options after completing bachelors in Biomedical engineering. If you have have picked up c++ skill you design the operating program. You can join design labs in 1000s of medical equipment manufacturers. A good place is to start is your local chamber of commerce or library which has many resources available to do the research on the names and locations and the products they make.

Vernon’s Answer

Updated Kingsland, Texas
The most lucrative employment would be in selling pharmaceuticals. Otherwise, look into medical devices where your knowledge can be enhanced by working with real engineers and market analysts.

Saul’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas
Hello Michaela, Some jobs that you may get with a biomedical science degree are as a technician or project manager in a laboratory. But all of these positions are introductory positions are offer very little advancement and pay increases. I would recommend getting a lot of laboratory experience so you can have more options in the future. Hope this helps.