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What is the MD/PhD track?

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Saul’s Answer

Hi Aishwarya,

a MD/PhD teach degree, as the name implies, is a dual degree career obtaining both a MD and a PhD when you are done. THis degree is for people who want to be doctors and researchers at the same time. This is how it works.

You will apply to the program and get accepted to it. In your first 2 years you will start your PhD. Take the necessary coursework and pass your qualifying exam. The exam is the official starting point towards your PhD. You need to pass this exam in order to continue. After the first two years, you will then transfer to the medical school. For the next four years, you will work towards your medical degree. AFter those four years, you come back and finish your PhD, which usually takes an additional 3-4 years. Depending on the project. After your PhD, you will then be required to complete a fellowship for your MD.

All-in-all you are looking at 7-8 years of school. If you compare that to only medical school which is 4 years and grad school which is 5-6 years.

I see that you live in San Antonio, UTHSCSA has an amazing MD/PhD program who my previous mentor and supervisor runs. I highly reccomend you email him with any additional questions. His name is Jose Cavazos. Let him know that I send you and he will be more than glad to help.

Hope this information helps, good luck.

hello, i would like to know if i can do my research work in USA having my masters and bachelors from India. what are the requirements? I have my bachelors hons. and masters degree both in forensic science. i would like to pursue my research in the same area. Apoorva Nirmal

Great advise Michael Law

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N’s Answer

The Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy is a dual doctoral degree for physician-scientists, combining the vocational training of the Doctor of Medicine degree with the research expertise of the Doctor of Philosophy degree; MD–Ph.D. typically require or prefer candidates who have had a background in research, either under a professor as an undergraduate or have taken at least one gap year to work in a laboratory setting. The application process in addition to a personal statement required for MD-only applications also requires two additional essays to describe why an applicant wants to pursue an MD–Ph.D. and an essay describing their research background.