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Will’s Avatar
Will Mar 02, 2022 1332 views

What are the different types of engineering degrees?

I'm in 10th grade. I live in minnesota. I love math and sports. #engineer #math

Ken’s Avatar
Ken Apr 19, 2021 342 views

Is the market for people studying biology growing or shrinking?

#careers #biology #stem #any

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick May 19, 2021 380 views

what kind of math should i study to be a engineer

#maths #math

C’s Avatar
C Sep 12, 2020 874 views

What to say when reaching out connections on Linkedin?

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ANSWER MY QUESTION! Context: I came across a job posting in "X" department I'd like to apply and I know someone who works at that company in "Y" department. I understand that X & Y departments work closely together. I want to gain more insights about the...

Augusta’s Avatar
Augusta Jul 24, 2014 6764 views

What is the difference between majoring in Pre-Engineering and a specific type of engineering (electrical engineering, computer engineering, aerospace engineering, etc.)?

I am asking because some schools offer both and I don't understand the difference. I am going to be senior and I am thinking of majoring in some type of engineering. #college #career #engineer #computer-engineering #electrical-engineering #pre-engineering

jamon’s Avatar
jamon Nov 15, 2019 237 views

How many certification can we get

#welding #career

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian Nov 14, 2019 434 views

What are the education requirements to become an occupational therapist?

I am interested in this career but don't fully understand the path I would need to take to get there. #occupational-therapy #career #career-paths #education-requirements

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Nov 08, 2019 454 views

Where is the highest job rate for a computer animator?

Where is the computer animator job highest #computer-science #computer #animation #job-application

INGRID’s Avatar
INGRID Jan 16, 2018 760 views

How can we have a professional yet diverse Resume to apply to jobs and be eye catching without having to create different resumes?

I have applied to numerous jobs in the past. It seems that for each job, My resume does not seem to target that specific job's experience requirements. I do possess experience in diverse things, which and it is difficult to creat a resume that would be professional, yet would be eye catching...

Colby’s Avatar
Colby Oct 30, 2019 368 views

any good jobs in Spain?

i wanna find a job overseas and i need advice, i am bilingual and i know i can do a really excellent job with those that require hands on learning. #job #job-application #job-search

Abdullah’s Avatar
Abdullah Sep 04, 2019 596 views

What does the life of a marketing manager look like ?

#marketing #business #internship

Bethany’s Avatar
Bethany May 16, 2016 751 views

What Education Do You Need To Be A Coroner?

I've watched CSI, Cold Case Files, and like shows all of my life. I have always wanted the experience to be able to examine human bodies for clues and evidence. #doctor #medicine-examiner #education #career #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth May 13, 2016 6076 views

How hard will it be to find a job as a physical therapist the first year out of school?

To see if I will struggle to find a job in Alabama when I finally get finished with school. #jobs #physical-therapist #hospital #employment #employee-relations #clinic #career #college #athletics #career-counseling #physical-therapy

Deep’s Avatar
Deep Oct 25, 2017 762 views

What are the career options as a PR major?

I am a freshman at college and I am majoring in PR at San Jose State University. I love studying it so far. After I am done with my bachelors, should I go for my Masters or find a job? Also, what kind of job in this field would pay me more? #public-relations #marketing #employment #internships...

Kre'Shaye’s Avatar
Kre'Shaye May 07, 2016 646 views

How did you manage to pay off yours nurse anesthetist program, and do you have any tips on saving money?

The nurse anesthetist program cost two hundred thousands dollars, money that majority of us do not have just laying around. Although, I am aware of all the people with the money, those of us who don't have the money are forced to take out a loan that will be paying for more than half our lives....