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Loretta C. Mar 19, 2019 90 views

How do I know if an employer is supportive of employees?

What is the best way to know abut the companies culture? I would hate to end up in a mean work place #employer #work-environment...


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JaChae C. Jul 05, 2018 276 views

What are the tasks and responsibilities Real Estate Agents have?

I am a high school senior wanting to become a real estate agent. I wanted to know an in depth what the responsibilities and tasks are so I could maybe prepare myself before actually becoming a real estate agent. #business #real-estate #employer #realtor #economics #housing #estate #help...

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Teleola A. Jan 26, 2018 357 views

Must your previous volunteer positions be relevant to job application?

Are employers interested in the type of volunteering you? By this I mean, do employers want people that have volunteered in activities that are directly relevant or related to the jobs they are applying for? (specifically jobs in business/management)Or can any volunteer experience help when...

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Garrett H. Aug 22, 2016 443 views

What's the number one thing employers in the sports industry look for in potential employees?

Interested in possibly pursuing a job in the sports industry and know it's a hard field to succeed in quickly. #sports #sports-agent #employer #sports-industry...


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Tiffanie L. Jul 23, 2016 631 views

What is a skill that many people need to improve on?

Employeers, bosses, hiring officals, etc. When you don't hire someone what is a common weakness that a person has that makes you not want them in your company. What is something that a lot of people have in common that they should work on ? #skills #employer...


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Tiffanie L. Jul 20, 2016 654 views

Would employers rather see internships/jobs or volunteer work?

Just wondering what is weight more as a prospective employer looks at your resume #career #resume...


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Tiffanie L. Jun 24, 2016 614 views

What qualities of a person do employers look for when interviewing?

Since there are so many people who apply for jobs, what makes a person stand out? What catches your attention or makes you want them as part of your workforce? I am referring to entry-level jobs specifically, but I believe that there are qualities of a person that can get them hired at all...

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Carmen H. Jun 23, 2016 545 views
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Kristina Y. Jun 22, 2016 364 views

What are some important things to do post-internship?

Now that an internship is over, what can I do to make sure I make the most out of it? How do I keep contact with my employers to make sure they are still in my "network"? #high-school #internship...


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Carmen H. Jun 22, 2016 757 views

Academic achievements and real-life experience, which is more important?

I can probably say that I am good at academy, but I merely have real-life experience. Some of my friends always tell me that no matter how high GPA I have, without work experience, it is impossible to find a satisfied job after I graduate from college. However, I don't think so, and it doesn't...

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Anudari A. May 16, 2016 649 views

What are some dos and don'ts for an intern's first week at work?

What are some good habits, skills, and appreciations that are great to show your employer on the first week? How do you impress them, and how can I do well without causing any problems? What are some of your tips? and what mistakes have you made or has an intern made that you would recommend...

#intern #employer

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Julia L. May 13, 2016 514 views

Are minors important to employers?

Due to the strict program I will be enrolling in during college, it will be difficult for me to fit in a minor. Is getting one worth it?...


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Mario B. May 09, 2016 463 views

What happens if I get a college degree, but have no experience outside the classroom?

I ask because this because I am a full-time student, spending all my time on class work, but do not know if employers will look for something else besides a degree from me. #graduate...