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What are some dos and don'ts for an intern's first week at work?

What are some good habits, skills, and appreciations that are great to show your employer on the first week? How do you impress them, and how can I do well without causing any problems? What are some of your tips? and what mistakes have you made or has an intern made that you would recommend not to do?
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2 answers

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Trisa’s Answer

First, show up on time and stay as long as they need you. Second, dress appropriately. third, show up for meetings on time or early. Fourth, listen a lot, you will learn so much both about the work, but also about the people you work for. Find out what they are interested in and talk to them about that topic or send them an interesting article on the issue - show that you are listening and that you are engaged and that you care. And, be willing to do or help with any job, from copying documents to helping draft strategy. Everyone likes someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and be a team player.

Thanks for the advice Trisa! I've heard a saying along the lines of those who listen are smarter than those who talk the most, and I guess that's true regardless of what the situation is. I'll definitely be keeping these tips in mind for future use, thank you! Anudari A.

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Phaedra’s Answer

Clearly understand what your project will be for the summer so you don't waste any time doing things you don't need to do
Ask you manager to send an intro email to everyone you'll need to talk to and then quickly set up meetings with them
Dress professionally
Act like you work there, don't act like an intern who's just there in the summer. People will notice your professional, hard working attitude
Try to take on more than you're originally given to do - as long as you can realistically finish it by the end of your internship
Network with other interns and keep in touch with them after the summer

There was a lot mentioned here that I've never heard of! especially about the emailing and setting up a meeting with them. Thank you Phaedra! Anudari A.

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