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After I submitted my intern application, about how many days I will hear back from the employer?

I just submitted an intern application; I always want to check the status of the application. #human-resources #manager #employer #recruiter

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6 answers

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Molly’s Answer

You're assuming the employer will contact you back. There is no set policy for this, it would depend on the company.

Molly recommends the following next steps:

Don't ever wait for someone to call you. Show that you're "hungry" for the experience. Give them 3-5 days and call in to see if you can 1) Talk to someone regarding your intern application, 2) Where it is in the process and 3) Is there anything more you could provide for them.
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Deby’s Answer

Hi Carmen,
This is a tough one to answer because there really is no answer besides "it depends". Each company handles their recruiting differently. Sadly, if you do not meet what the company is looking for or are otherwise not selected, you may not hear from them at all. If you have a contact at the company where you applied, you may want to send a follow-up email a couple weeks after submission to let them know of your interest, how you are a good fit for the internship and your availability.

Thank you comment icon I know this is a tough question, but anyway, thank you for your answer, Deby! Carmen
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Samantha’s Answer

I would agree with the previous answer. Unfortunately some companies don’t contact the candidate at all if the answer is no. And some will reach out weeks or months later for the next step in the process. If this is for next summer, they might not reach out to February or March, or they might reach out in a few weeks. If you know someone has gone through the process with this company before, it might be good to reach out to them to clarify expectations.
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UH’s Answer

Depending on the company and how soon they want to fill the position, ask the recruiter during the interview when you can expect an update on the status. Asking this question also shows that you're eager to work and are serious about the position. As a general rule of thumb, send a follow-up after a week or two!
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Courtney’s Answer

Hello! As a recruiter, I would say to give it at least a week. Recruiters that are hiring college students are typically very busy in the fall season (we are usually hiring December graduates, spring graduates, and interns all at the same time) -- plus, this is when the majority of career fairs happen. After a week, you could reach out via LinkedIn and reiterate your interest in the role.

These processes don't always move quickly - there are many people involved in the review process, including the front-line recruiter, hiring manager, interview teams, etc. It's hard to be patient through the process, but polite, periodic follow-up is always appreciated!

Keep in mind that most roles attract dozens (maybe even hundreds!) of applications, so while we try to follow-up with every candidate, there are times we may not be able to give you an up-to-the-minute update.
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Shahanaz’s Answer

Hi Carmen, I hope you are doing good!

An internship is like an initial level of pre-schooling which will prepare you for the next level of schooling.
It would also give you good practical skills, workplace experience, give you a holistic understanding of next step in any industry.

Every company hiring strategics will be poles apart and they look at many factors before considering/hiring interns
- The role you are applying for an internship
- Education stream
- Education Institution
- Specific/ relevant skills
- Whether you are a right fit for the role
- Your caliber that adds value at work
- interpersonal skills
- Adaptability
- Creativity/Critical thinking/initiatives/ researches

About Companies reverting to your application
Examples like:
- Few companies will revert at the earliest if they have the requirement to hire interns.
- Few will revert and let you know there are no opening for interns at the movement
- Keep you warm for the upcoming intern opening
- Few will never revert as they might not have a requirement/ your profiles wouldn't have shortlisted

Best practices :
According to me, you should not stop exploring or wait for companies to revert to you.
- Apply to one or more companies seeking opportunities.
- Set timings and follow up with companies you have applied.
- Reach out to your family or friends if required to help you find an opportunity
- Reach out to your contacts/connections in linked-in or other platforms.
- Take part in a webinar or other activities conducted by companies
- Seek to refer.