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Deby Skawinski, JD

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Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 25, 2016 1077 views

How do law firms choose their new hires?

When you are going through law school are they already looking for people or do they not look until you have already graduated? #law #lawyer

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 04, 2016 1087 views

What are important skills for a lawyer?

Pursuing the law career sounds interesting to me. #law #lawyer

Tracy’s Avatar
Tracy Mar 09, 2016 21203 views

Do you enjoy working in human resources?

I've never actually met someone who does human resources, so i'd like to hear about your experience. What do you love most about it? What is especially difficult? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage.

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen Jun 23, 2016 1454 views

After I submitted my intern application, about how many days I will hear back from the employer?

I just submitted an intern application; I always want to check the status of the application. #human-resources #manager #employer #recruiter

Yingmei’s Avatar
Yingmei Jun 22, 2016 1044 views

What job can I do when I am older that involve work in the office and confort the hurt people?

I would like to work in a big company to be a leader. Because I saw many leaders work in a tall building in the TV during I grew up. Even though they just an office clerk at the first time, through their own efforts, accumulate their work experience gradually, they have a broader field of...