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Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Become a CPA.

Context: 1) Finish my BA Degree and all the units required for CPA exam. 2) Pass the CPA exam and obtain my CPA license.
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Carmen H. Jul 01, 2016 606 views
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Carmen H. Jul 01, 2016 353 views

What would be the appropriate way to get in touch with the professors in school?

Most of time, when we apply for scholarship or grad. school, it requires to have a letter of recommendation from professors, but it is not an easy thing to make the professors remember all of their students. I am wondering how I can make my professor know and remember me. #professor...


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Carmen H. Jun 27, 2016 402 views

What are the suggestions for writing a cover letter? And, what are the elements that the employers are looking for?

I was trying to apply for an internship position, and it asked me to submit a cover letter, but I didn't know where I should get start with. #professional #counselor #hiring...


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Carmen H. Jun 27, 2016 617 views
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Carmen H. Jun 23, 2016 518 views

After I submitted my intern application, about how many days I will hear back from the employer?

I just submitted an intern application; I always want to check the status of the application. #human-resources #manager #employer...


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Carmen H. Jun 22, 2016 715 views

Academic achievements and real-life experience, which is more important?

I can probably say that I am good at academy, but I merely have real-life experience. Some of my friends always tell me that no matter how high GPA I have, without work experience, it is impossible to find a satisfied job after I graduate from college. However, I don't think so, and it doesn't...

#counselor #recruiting #professor #employer

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Carmen H. Jun 21, 2016 580 views

During the recruiting event, how can I effectively communicate with the recruiters in order to make a deep impression on them?

I am planning to attend the recruiting event in September, but I am not sure how I can stand out from the crowd. #human-resources...


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Carmen H. Jun 20, 2016 487 views

Is it a good idea for an accounting major student to apply for graduate achool?

Most of students will consider to further their education by applying for graduate school. However, from what I have heard, students who are majoring in accounting seldom apply for graduate school; instead, they will pursue a CPA license....


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Carmen H. Jun 20, 2016 784 views

Without work experience, how can I polish up my resume?

I am Senior next coming Fall, but I realize that I do not have any work experience. I am trying to look for a job, but most of them require to submit a resume. Because my resume is too brief, and I always hesitate to submit one to the employer. #finance #accounting...