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Are there any tools that I can use to track the progress of my CPA requirements?

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I am an undergrad student who pursue a CPA licence. #professor #accounting #cpa

4 answers

Alicia’s Answer

Hi Carmen - have you checked out the Becker website? Even if you don't pay for their prep materials they have great information and resources on how you should prepare: http://www.becker.com/cpa-review. FYI, most public accounting firms will pay for Becker for their new full-time hires.

Miranda’s Answer


Hi Carmen,

First you have to look up your state's requirements for things such as credit hour requirements, course requirements, CPA exams, and working requirements. Then, the CPA Central website by NASBA keeps track of your application and CPA exams, where you can keep up with the status of your exams and licensing. Also, when you become affiliated with a firm, or if you buy your own program, (I used Becker), they can help you build a schedule to track your CPA exam progress.

Hope this helps!


Claudio S’s Answer


Here is what I will suggest:

  1. For each course or CPA subject matter that you complete, use the completion of it to test yourself on your knowledge of the subject matter by answering/completing the past CPA exams. You can buy a compilation book of the past exams. It is an investment that is very much worth the money (for the cost of the book), time and effort (more time to focus on what your weak points are when you take a prep/review course).

  2. When testing yourself, make sure you time yourself so you get into the habit of taking the test under time pressure. Sometimes, being able to answer all 50 questions (even if 1/3 of them are "smart" guesses), will give you a higher probability of scoring a pass grade.

Again, I am assuming that your question is not really literal in the sense that you can easily track if you have taken enough credit to take the CPA exam.

Hope that helps.

Marisa’s Answer

Hi Carmen! CPA requirements will be different per state, but if you are planning on getting a CPA license in California the "Self Assessment Worksheet for the CPA Licensure Educational Requirements" from the California Board of Accountancy website is a great resource to see if you have the correct amount and type of credits to take the CPA in California. http://www.dca.ca.gov/cba/applicants/self-assess-wrksheet.pdf http://www.dca.ca.gov/cba/applicants/self-assess-er.shtml
To add on to Marisa, You do have to look at the requirements per the state that you are applying to. The best source is your local state department of accountancy, but the following website may help (http://www.pwc.com/us/en/careers.html). Good luck. #cpaexam