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Lydia Jun 30, 2018 766 views

Should I take as many AP courses as I can in high school even if I do not major in any of those areas?

#high-school-classes #ap

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Elizabeth Sep 28, 2017 1241 views

Why do only certain states charge income tax?

I have lived in multiple states in the United States, one of which did not charge state income tax. I was simply wondering why some US states choose to charge state income taxes while others do not. #income-taxes #taxes

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Braden Mar 04, 2018 796 views

How can I become a mature ideological individual who knows what it truly going on in politics today? #USA #Politics #RorD

I want to know what's truly going on in the world today. I would like to know more about American policies. I am ignorant to U.S. laws as well as loopholes. I wish to become a successful adult and educated citizen. #knowledge #is #power #taxbrackets #budgets.

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Shally Sep 27, 2017 921 views

What college is the best for pursuing a career in accounting?

Even though I want to be computer engineer, I still want to know about business and accounting because that is another area of interest for me. #technology #accounting #hobby

Lucy’s Avatar
Lucy May 10, 2016 1328 views

What components do you study the most in preparing for the CPA Exam? What resources do you use to test your knowledge?

I am hoping to become a CPA in the future and would like to know what the best tools are to use when it comes to getting ready to take the exam. I am aware that it can take several attempts to pass the exam and it would be great to know how to best be prepared for it! #accounting #studying-tips...

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Alexander Sep 01, 2017 997 views

How can I give myself a clear and direct path towards landing a job in my field with my degree?

I want to get a nice job as a business banker when I graduate from SLU, I currently am on a path for a dual Accounting/Economics major, and I want to know what will help me get the job I want using my degree as a tool. Which clubs or organizations will help put some padding on my resume? Which...

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Lavanya May 14, 2016 1334 views

What course should I take after my second PUC?

i have completed my 2nd PUC in a commerce group . I am interested in mathematics, and I want to join What are the groups there in the like marketing, accounting ect., and which is related to mathematics and commerce? #marketing #accountant #banking #statistics #commerce #math...