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Tyrone’s Avatar
Tyrone Oct 04, 2023 4669 views

How can I be an accountant if I’m not good at math?

I struggle in algebra but I still want to consider being an accountant.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Jul 12, 2023 576 views

How do I start to become an accountant ?

I am in the grade 12 and I like math so I thought accounting would be great for me

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jun 19, 2023 454 views


What is consulting? I am a 3rd year in college and I am an accounting major. I'm currently looking for different careers that might interest me.

Joi’s Avatar
Joi Sep 26, 2018 1128 views

Learn about investing

I'm a mechanical engineering university student with 2 more years of school. I started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and I am interested in investing and increasing my financial knowledge. For those with insight and experience, what is a good way to start investing after I graduate or maybe even...

Thalia’s Avatar
Thalia Sep 29, 2017 1027 views

What type of classes should I take if I'm interested in a career in accounting?


Sam’s Avatar
Sam Sep 30, 2017 758 views

What does a week look like for an account at a firm like Nike vs a small business owner?

I took accounting as a junior and never fully understood what the difference in jobs a big time company accountant would do vs a small mom and pop shop. #accountant

Moriah’s Avatar
Moriah May 30, 2017 924 views

What major should I go in based on the courses I have already taken? Accounting or Computer Engineering?

These are the two majors that I have been considering since I have entered high school. Currently, I am a junior, and I have already taken Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, and Computer Science Principles. I need to chose a major soon. #engineering #college-major #accounting

Abdulwahab’s Avatar
Abdulwahab Dec 17, 2016 1450 views

CEO: a leader or a boss?

Does a CEO act as a leader or as a boss? How to work as both? #business #finance #management #company-culture

naomi’s Avatar
naomi Aug 05, 2016 1043 views

How to get a job after graduating with an associates in accounting

I just obtained my associates degree in accounting and have been having a hard time finding a job that doesn't require previous experience #college #business #finance #accounting #graduate #college-jobs

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jul 01, 2016 1011 views

I want to be financially independent in 3 years. Tips?

What steps should I take if I want to make this a gradual process?
I am in University going into my sophomore year.

Books to read? People to talk to? etc.

Thanks y'all! #finance #management #university #advice #money-management

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen Jul 01, 2016 1261 views

Are there any tools that I can use to track the progress of my CPA requirements?

I am an undergrad student who pursue a CPA licence. #professor #accounting #cpa

Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer Oct 02, 2014 3481 views

How can finance be prevelent in my daily routine? What are some ideas?

I'm new to finance and very curious about ways that I can incorporate finance into my everyday living. #finance #real-estate