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How to get a job after graduating with an associates in accounting

I just obtained my associates degree in accounting and have been having a hard time finding a job that doesn't require previous experience #college #business #finance #accounting #graduate #college-jobs

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3 answers

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Claudio S’s Answer

You should try to do volunteer accounting work to get some experience. Even if you do not get paid, I think it is a value adding experience and will get your feet wet and get the necessary hands on experience.

There are a lot of places where you can volunteer - take the most simple task for example, sorting vendor invoices, data entry, etc. You want to be able to practice the accounting cycle steps that you learned in school. Remember, in accounting the key success factors are: practice, practice, practice.

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Casey’s Answer

Hi Naomi! I ran into some similar issues when applying to internships in college. Positions were requesting experience in accounting but I did not have any. I ended up speaking with a career counselor at my college and I learned how to tailor my resume and experience for applying to accounting positions. I only had experience as waitress and a retail sales associate but I worked on using language applicable to the accounting profession. For example, as a sales associate I did inventory counts on a regular basis. I also used a point of sales system for managing sales. I added both of those things to my resume and worked on adding action verbs to describe my experience. Check out some here:


You can really take job or volunteer experience that you have done and tailoring it to the positions you are applying for.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Naomi!

People will be very willing to give helpful information knowing that they are not expected to know of a job

Here I will give you some helpful information on dealing with the "no experience" issue. You can overcome it!

Also, here are some suggestions for references if you have no experience:

Best of luck! I would like to follow you progress. Please keep me informed!!