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During the recruiting event, how can I effectively communicate with the recruiters in order to make a deep impression on them?

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I am planning to attend the recruiting event in September, but I am not sure how I can stand out from the crowd. #human-resources #college-recruiting

5 answers

Michael’s Answer


Hi there,

Great question and this is always a challenge when it comes to meeting recruiters face-to-face and making your best impression. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So how do you effectively demonstrate yourself and "stand out from the crowd"? I think the first step is simple, starting with dressing professionally and having confidence in yourself. But secondly, depending on the type of event you will be attending, I would prepare an "elevator speech" of some kind: this is your 20 to 30-second opportunity to show your recruiter who you are, why you are interested in what they are recruiting for, and why you think you fit the position (if this is for a job opportunity).

One piece of advice I would add to this is to be natural. Don't worry about memorizing a speech or being overly impressionable. Go in with a firm handshake, be yourself, and show the recruiter why you have the passion and drive for the position you're aiming for. Best of luck!

Hi Michael. Thank you for your suggestions!

Anthony’s Answer


Good question. You are on the right path recognizing the need to stand out in any interview. I would start with the basics, dress professional, firm hand shake, make eye contact with interviewer and speak clearly. You'd be surprised how many times these basics are overlooked in the interviews i have conducted. Then find a way to connect with the interviewer to have a discussion. Try to engage them more than simply responding to their questions i.e. cite personal experiences or funny scenario that supports your response to the interview question. Try and find out more about the interviewer.

I recommend researching articles on interviewing strategies for more details/specifics.

Hi Anthony. Thank you for your suggestions!

Sheila’s Answer



As a recruiter for the last 15+ years, I have engaged hundreds of candidates in the interview process. Being aware that you are making an impression from the first contact is very important. So be aware and be your best whether it is in written communication, a phone/video call or an onsite interview. Make sure you are prepared and any written documents are professional and error free. Also, follow up via phone call and/or email. It is important they know you are interested and excited about the job.

One more item I want to call your attention to, is clearly stating the value you can bring to the company. Many candidates get caught up in what they want, "this is my dream job", "this is my dream company", "the flexible hours work well with my class schedule"...remember all employers have a job and they are looking for the right candidate with the right skills, experience, education and attitude to come in and contribute in their environment. Be clear about how you can quickly come up to speed and add value to the team or group you are looking to join.

Good Luck!

Sumit’s Answer


Hi Carmen, during the recruiting process, the key thing that I try to accomplish is to leave a good impression and put my best foot forward at every opportunity I have to interact with the folks I'm meeting with. That means during the application process, writing a solid cover letter and customizing bullet point traits/accomplishments which connects me to the job posting. During the interview process, dressing accordingly and having prepared for the 'standard' interview questions and ready to respond to questions about details on my resume. And finally, after the interview to send a newly crafted thank you letter which refers to completed interviews and again highlight why I would fit into the organization. For me, taking full advantage of every opportunity to interact with the recruiters has served me well... let me know what you thiink and if I can clarify any further.

Hi Sumit. Thank you for your suggestions!

Jason’s Answer


Hi Carmen,

When going through any kind of interview, or submitting written materials for a job (cover letter, resume, application), you want to get in the habit of discussing what were your actions during a situation, and what the results of those actions were. Actions....Results, Actions...Results. This should be your new cadence.

Any recruiter worth their salt will start by asking you some rapport building questions (How are you? Why did you choose Company?) and quickly move onto Behavioral Event Questions. These are designed to get at your actual past behavior during certain situations as they are a good predictor of future behavior. For example, if a job requires good organizational skills, they may ask something like "Tell me about a time when you had to deliver something on a deadline." What they don't want to hear is how important you think organizational skills are. Tell them about an actual project you worked on, the actions you took to stay organized, and the how results of those actions helped you meet the deadline. Actions...Results. This is what recruiters are shopping for, so take the time to make sure you have ready answers that include your actions and your results; not just opinions.

Best of luck! I'm sure you can knock this out of the park! Jason