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Amanda May 25, 2016 1358 views

What are the best ways to get involved and prepared the summer before college begins?

I am going to be a freshman in college this fall, but I want to make my summer productive and meaningful so that I will start off the months before college strong. Are there any volunteer opportunities or fun ways to spend the summer months that you recommend? #college #job #volunteering...

Thanhmai’s Avatar
Thanhmai May 24, 2016 1063 views

What happens in college if you remain undecided about your major and your future career?

Many people by senior year already know their passion, what they plan to do in college. So what happens to the people who don't? Some say it is not even worth it to apply for college if you don't know what to do with that time. So my question it right it to apply to college and...

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Carmen Jun 21, 2016 1664 views

During the recruiting event, how can I effectively communicate with the recruiters in order to make a deep impression on them?

I am planning to attend the recruiting event in September, but I am not sure how I can stand out from the crowd. #human-resources #college-recruiting

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Syed Jun 22, 2016 1254 views

What are the branches available in Engineering and which one I should choose?

Hi! I am class 9 student. I am interested in Maths. So I want to build my career as an Engineer. I don't have knowledge about branches available in engineering. I'll be glad to you, if you provide me details. #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineer #software-engineer #electrical-engineer...