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What are the suggestions for writing a cover letter? And, what are the elements that the employers are looking for?

I was trying to apply for an internship position, and it asked me to submit a cover letter, but I didn't know where I should get start with. #professional #counselor #hiring #recruiter

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4 answers

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Kim’s Answer

When applying for a job, a cover letter looks like this:

It has a business letter format.
It has 3 paragraphs, and a professional closing/signature.
Paragraph 1: what position you are applying for, and how you found out about it
Para 2: why YOU are the ideal candidate for the position
Para 3: Ask for the interview: "My resume is enclosed for your review. I look forward to meeting with you to...."

Paragraph 2 is difficult to write.It should contain information that makes it clear that you have a solid understanding of what the company does and what the position entails. It should also show what experience you bring to the position that fits it with what they are trying to accomplish. Because of this, each cover letter should be personally written for the position that you are applying for..

For additional help, see gotresumebuilder.com which includes several coverletter templates.

good luck!

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Simeon’s Answer

Usually, your cover letter is supposed to be brief and mostly explain your interest in the opening and in the company itself. Try to keep your cover letter to five sentences or less. Also, try not to be super dramatic about how much you'd love the position and how it'll fulfill your wildest ambitions. Instead, keep it pretty contained and professional. The cover letter is more of a warm-up/opener to the resume and isn't supposed to be the focal point of your application.

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Sophie’s Answer

Look for buzz words in the job post and work that into your cover letter. Make it brief to ensure potential employers will read most or all of the way through. Demonstrate how you can improve the company as well as what the company can give you (experience, information, etc.). Demonstrate you passion for the company's industry. Demonstrate your commitment to the company and it's long term success. Demonstrate your interest in what the company does or what it stands for. Make sure your cover letter does not overly embellish or fabricate job experience or skills. Make sure your LinkedIn matches your resume and your cover letter. Good luck!

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Michelle’s Answer

A cover letter has always been challenging for me because it is supposed to be fairly brief, while also getting the point across that you are the right fit for the role you are applying for. I typically introduce myself and go over my professional experience in the first paragraph. In the second paragraph, I usually highlight my skill-set as it applies to the position and explain why I would be perfect for the position. I will also address any shortcomings I may have and explain how I will overcome them. Lastly, I will give my availability for an interview and provide my contact information.

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

Keep a template for your personal cover letter and adjust for each job you apply to.
Make sure you show that you know a little about the company before you apply or go into an interview.