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Bitota M. Jun 26, 2015 5238 views

What should you major in if you want to be a T.V Show Host or an on air personality?

I am asking this question because I am really interested in going into a career within these fields and I want to prepare myself in college. Thank you for listening! Hope you have a great day. college communications communication television broadcast-television...


Stacy M.’s Avatar
Stacy M. Apr 01, 2016 1132 views

Is it easy to change your career path?

Once you're doing a certain job how easy or difficult is it to change that? I'm afraid of making a mistake. Is it common for people to change their career path? Do you have to start over every time you change jobs? If I'm not sure what career to pursue, what do you recommend I do for my major...

college human-resources recruiting

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Sabine D. May 23, 2016 1175 views

How can I make the best resume possible?

Are there key things interviewers are looking for to "wow" them?...


Sabine D.’s Avatar
Sabine D. May 23, 2016 792 views

Should I have a LinkedIn account to start the job search process?

Is this beneficial to the 20 and under age range? What types of experiences should I add? Any other tips? resume linkedin...


Carmen H.’s Avatar
Carmen H. Jun 20, 2016 1047 views

Without work experience, how can I polish up my resume?

I am Senior next coming Fall, but I realize that I do not have any work experience. I am trying to look for a job, but most of them require to submit a resume. Because my resume is too brief, and I always hesitate to submit one to the employer. finance accounting...


Carmen H.’s Avatar
Carmen H. Jun 27, 2016 644 views

What are the suggestions for writing a cover letter? And, what are the elements that the employers are looking for?

I was trying to apply for an internship position, and it asked me to submit a cover letter, but I didn't know where I should get start with. professional counselor hiring...


Francine L.’s Avatar
Francine L. Sep 01, 2017 353 views

How do I put my best into my college and how do I grow with my college?

The reason why I am asking this is because I want to give my best to the college that I am in and I want to take my privilege at my college. I will value my time and effort being at my college because we are learning and growing together. Not only that, I am representing my college and I should...