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What would be the appropriate way to get in touch with the professors in school?

Asked San Francisco, California

Most of time, when we apply for scholarship or grad. school, it requires to have a letter of recommendation from professors, but it is not an easy thing to make the professors remember all of their students. I am wondering how I can make my professor know and remember me. #professor #relations

1 answer

Frank’s Answer


As someone who was a professor, my first piece of advice is to establish a relationship with someone you know and respect fairly rapidly. I am still quite good friends with someone who was one my Ph.D. mentors.

Also, should that not be possible, make note of when you had them, what school, year, and, course. The one thing to remember is that, like most people, we tend to remember bad things more than good. You may have to do some prodding.

I myself have never refused generating such a letter from good students. Frankly, I feel honored that someone asked. :)