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Melissa P. yesterday 57 views

How do I get into the fashion industry?

I’m 20 years old, not in college, and during my time in quarantine from Coronavirus I realised I have an interest and maybe even a niche in fashion. I would love to be a fashion stylist or even a fashion blogger but have no idea where to start or where to get help on getting started!...


Daycy A.’s Avatar
Daycy A. Feb 22, 2017 446 views

What do you need to do in order to become an FBI agent?

I am asking this so when i graduate high school and i go to college, I can know what i have to do. #criminal-justice #criminology...


Saumya V.’s Avatar
Saumya V. Jul 10 68 views

What type of careers can one do with a finance degree?

I am a senior and interested in doing finance. I want to know more about the type of careers that are both financially stable and less stressful. #finance...


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Matti O. Mar 18 221 views
Lindsay M.’s Avatar
Lindsay M. Jan 17, 2018 681 views

Is the Foreign Service Academy really selective and hard (ivy league hard) to get in?

Planning to be a diplomat but I would like to know if I will have to have a really amazing resume or is the academy only take testing scores. Something I would like to know before I am dead set on being a diplomat. #government #diplomat...


Timothy O.’s Avatar
Timothy O. Jun 13, 2016 2727 views

Are Leaders born or made?

I am a high school student and I consider myself a leader. I however, want to improve my leadership skills as I will be taking on bigger leadership positions in the next school year. I know that leaders are made through learning and teaching but also, could it be true that we may be born with...

#coaching #professional #finance #leadership #engineering #sales #career #personal-development #marketing

Priscilla S.’s Avatar
Priscilla S. 2 days ago 31 views

How do you become a pediatrician, and what courses can you take in high school to achieve that career?

I'm a freshman in highschool, and I'm just starting off the school year. I've been homeschooled for two yrs and I'm going back to a public school. Just here to get advice on how to start my first year of highschool and how i can become a successful pediatrican as my future career. #doctor...

#college #medicine

Chantel M.’s Avatar
Chantel M. Oct 29, 2016 401 views

What high school courses can be taken in order to prepare for an OB/GYN career?

I plan on exploring or working in a career of obstetrics and gynecology, with a focus on gynecology. I want to be as readily prepared as possible for a career in gynecology, starting in high school. I've heard that medicine is difficult and requires a lot of preparation and dedication, and I...

#medicine #obstetrics #gynecology #gynecologist

Jocelyne C.’s Avatar
Jocelyne C. Jan 22, 2018 291 views

What is the best way to get help financially to get my masters?

I don't know if there are scholarships for masters program. I want to get my masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and I want to also know if there is anything I should do to prepare myself. I still have about . 2 years left until I graduate from my bachelors. #masters-degree...

#student-debt #financial-planning #clinical-psychology #financial-aid

Carolina V.’s Avatar
Carolina V. Jun 30 180 views

When do you come to terms of accepting failure or deciding to quit?

I began college as a Animal Science major and realized it wasn't for me. I'm currently a Psychology major, but I'm hoping to still be eligible of becoming a vet student. I keep holding onto the idea that you don't have to be a traditional vet student to be qualified. I have no direction of what...

#veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #psychology #college #veterinary

Nicholas M.’s Avatar
Nicholas M. Jan 16, 2018 207 views

What experience or insight should I have as trying to become a music major?

Currently I am trying to pursue either Music Therapy or Music Education as a major and just wanted to know some basics behind what skills or things I should have prior. #music #musician #college #professional...


Tabor B.’s Avatar
Tabor B. Oct 22, 2015 767 views

what type of degrees do you have to have to become a veterinarian? Also what type of degrees do you have to have to become a lawyer

I am asking these questions because i really want to get a good degree to follow my career path #lawyer #veterinarian...


eboni J.’s Avatar
eboni J. Mar 08, 2017 303 views

How do I start off in my modeling career?

Because I've dreamed of being a model all my life, and want to pursue this career to better myself. #fashion...


Edgar C.’s Avatar
Edgar C. Mar 08, 2017 577 views

What does it take to become a professional soccer player ?

I am asking this because its my favorite sport and is something that me and my dad have done for many years so i can become better and succeed later on when trying to go to professional soccer. #manager #coach...


Hanna M.’s Avatar
Hanna M. Jan 16, 2018 373 views

What would be the best way to start a business in flipping houses?

I want to be an interior designer and I want to help people create a home of their own,but don’t know how to start or what college is best for my specific major. #business #online-marketing...


Omar R.’s Avatar
Omar R. Apr 28, 2018 256 views

What are some good ways to get funding for an MPH program and study abroad programs?

I will be starting my MPH in epidemiology in the fall and I do not have much money. My entire education has been self funded. I am very interested in being a field epidemiologist and do more hands on work. I have seen some great summer programs where students can go to developing countries and...

#epidemiology #graduate-school #public-health #mph #masters-degree

Adrian C.’s Avatar
Adrian C. Apr 13, 2016 404 views

what do i need to become an aerospace engineer?

because, i'm not sure what it takes too become an aerospace engineer or what you need to have. I've been wanting to become one because i'm good with my hands and i dont stop trying thats the reason i want to become a aerospace engineer. #electronics...


Angel A.’s Avatar
Angel A. Mar 08, 2017 510 views
Zainab J.’s Avatar
Zainab J. Jan 17, 2018 204 views

What are ways that I could adapt to the college lifestyle?

I am afraid of moving out on my own without any family or friend, and really just want to fit in. #college #life-transitions #adaptability...


Britton  Z.’s Avatar
Britton Z. May 17, 2016 492 views

How do I advance my cooking skills?

I want to go to culinary school, and I want to go forward having already earned some type of notable certificate or accomplishment, so are there any online courses that might help me? #cooking #culinary...


Jordan S.’s Avatar
Jordan S. May 25, 2016 773 views

Is it a good idea to get a paralegal certification while going to school for pre-law?

I am planning on majoring in pre-law /psychology but was interested in being a paralegal while trying to earn money for law school. #lawyer...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jun 02, 2016 770 views

What can you major in to become a lawyer?

I was wondering what other majors I could pursue rather than pre-law. #college #college-major #law...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jun 02, 2016 553 views

What is the academic education path to becoming a corporate lawyer?

The profession of international business sounds interesting but I have no idea what the path is to join this field. #business #law #lawyer...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 04, 2016 604 views

What are important skills for a lawyer?

Pursuing the law career sounds interesting to me. #law...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 22, 2016 837 views

Do you have to be interested in current events and politics to be successful in a law profession?

I am interested in pursuing a law career path but I don't find myself extremely interested in current events or politics. #law #lawyer...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 22, 2016 736 views
Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 22, 2016 548 views
Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 22, 2016 1162 views

What are important characteristics of a lawyer?

I was curious about the desirable traits of a lawyer. #law #lawyer #law-enforcement...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 29, 2016 539 views

Pediatrics, economics/finance, or law?

I get the opportunity to shadow and delve deeper into one field of choice and I am equally interested in these three options. Which occupation would be most interesting or give me the most learning experience? #finance #law #lawyer #pediatrics #economics...


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