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How do you overcome imposter syndrome?

As a self-taught web developer, I often wonder whether I am competent enough to apply for web developer jobs that typically require a degree in Computer Science & require 2+ years (or more) of relevant work experiences for junior web developer position. The requirement section in the job post seems to expect A LOT from the candidates. Some front-end developer positions also require candidates to know back-end technology/languages. Some job posts simply list out all the preferred skills they are looking for in a candidate. When I look at the job description, it just seems like I can never meet all of their requirements. Most likely, I only meet 50% ~60% of the requirements. While I'm confident about my ability to pick up things quickly, many companies want to hire experienced people :( 1. What's your career advice? 2. What would you do if you were in my shoes? 3. If you are a Hiring Manager / Engineering Team Lead, how much weight would you put on a candidates' soft skills during the interview? Would soft skills trump the technical skills in your hiring decisions? Candidate A: Technical skills(85%) + soft skills (60%) Candidate B: Technical skills (70%) + soft skills (75%) Thank you for your time to read my post & your willingness to help out a Web Dev Ninja -to-be All the best & Take Care! :)) #JULY20 #career #careerAdvice #technology #coding #interview-prep #impostersyndrome #WebDevelopment #technicalSkills #softSkills #HR #humanresource #jobpost

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