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Career Questions tagged Liberal Arts Major

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Apr 19, 2018 588 views

What career options do I have with a degree in liberal studies?

The liberal arts major encompasses everything that I love (history, english, art, culture), but I have no idea what I can do with it. I want to make sure that my future is secure by choosing this major. #college-advice #college-major #career-counseling #career-path #career-choice #indecisive...

Martha’s Avatar
Martha Jan 16, 2018 615 views

What are some ways to figure out what major is best for you in college?

Currently in my third college semester psychology major(BA) but considering switching majors.

#choosing-a-major #liberal-arts-major #psychology #college-advice #collegesuccess

Sabina’s Avatar
Sabina Dec 31, 2017 816 views

What advice do you have for a liberal arts student?

#career-development #liberal-arts #liberal-arts-major #careers-for-people-with-liberal-arts-degrees #careers-for-people-with-liberal-arts-degrees- #career

Sabina’s Avatar
Sabina Dec 31, 2017 619 views

As a liberal arts student, what should my second major be?

Hello everyone! I am a college student halfway through my second year at a liberal arts college. Soon, I will be completing my first major, which is Global Studies: Worlds in Dialogue (a mixture of political science, philosophy, sociology, history, and english). Although I could graduate early,...