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What advice do you have for a liberal arts student?

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3 answers

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Jenny’s Answer

Hi Sabina,

Good question! As you're fresh out of college armed with a degree in LA, I recommend focusing on your key strengths (leadership and communication to name a few). What I'd like to call your areas of Mastery - top three that you rock! How have you displayed these key traits in helping you in any part-time/full-time work that you have had or through school? And how will these traits help your potential employer?

Has that helped? Else, ask me more.

Stay true and authentic.


Thanks for your recommendations! Keeping in mind my main strengths and marketing those to employers will surely aid in getting my foot in the door. I also love how you included being authentic - that idea is so important and yet seems to be underemphasized in the process of gaining employment. Sabina B.

Hi Sabina, Absolutely. I am a big fan of authenticity. I told an interviewer once that I don't know how to be anyone else so I will rock up to the intervew as me :) best person I know to be. Cheers Jenny Jenny Vaz

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Poonam’s Answer

Well follow these guidelines for career development:


While settling on a random choice might be less difficult, it is definitely not recommended. Given the measure of time you spend at work, you ought to do everything feasible to settle on a well-researched decision. Getting assistance from an expert who provides career guidance can be the distinction between winding up in a desired career or the one that makes you feel hopeless.

Based on your assessment, the career counselor can enable you to prepare a career action plan that will permit you to pursue the profession you picked.


Apart from getting help with matters that include starting of your career, e.g. Choosing amongst various career options, securing your first ever job, you can likewise get guidance about things that happen later in your career.

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Lashay’s Answer

It took me a while to learn the advantages of attending a liberal arts school but once I learned them they were true and made since. Some benefits are exposure to a diverse population, people different from and similar to you. The advantage is you never know who you will work with or for and you gain an open mind, if willing. Similarly, you gain exposure to a diverse group of classes, helping you learn topics you will like and dislike, helping to narrow your interest areas later. Back to the diverse people, you'll have a rich network base from which to choose. Exposure to professors who are well versed in their knowledge is advantageous to gaining a deep insight into your field of study and quite possibly career path. You can ask to Shadow, intern, or volunteer for a wide array of offices and clubs/organizations or even make your club or org.

Lashay recommends the following next steps:

Review websites of schools you're considering for makors available, check out the instructor webpages too
Look at clubs and orgs lists on student Life pages
Consider how diverse your current social group(s) are and if they are homogeneous, consider expanding your groups