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Career Questions tagged Pre Engineering

Dustin M.’s Avatar
Dustin M. Feb 26, 2015 751 views

What steps can I take to begin my process of becoming a successful engineer?

I am a junior in high school. I am starting to look at colleges and also trying to figure out what area of engineering I would like to major in. I want to be the best at my craft and not just average. I would just like to know what steps I could take to becoming one of the best. engineering...

architect pre-engineering aerospace

Brieanna C.’s Avatar
Brieanna C. Feb 25, 2015 1546 views

Do you think that Mechanical Engineering would be the best major for me?

I am a junior in high school and I'm pretty sure that I want to major in mechanical engineering but I've been second guessing myself. I love math and it is my best subject, I also like to help people and create new things. I keep wondering if I should change my major or if I will really like...

mechanical-engineering mechanical-engineer pre-engineering engineering engineer

Mariela G.’s Avatar
Mariela G. Dec 02, 2014 1927 views

What is required to become an engineer?

I would really like to become a engineer, but I don't know how to. engineering...


Augusta I.’s Avatar
Augusta I. Jul 24, 2014 5933 views

What is the difference between majoring in Pre-Engineering and a specific type of engineering (electrical engineering, computer engineering, aerospace engineering, etc.)?

I am asking because some schools offer both and I don't understand the difference. I am going to be senior and I am thinking of majoring in some type of engineering. college career engineer computer-engineering electrical-engineering...