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Do you think that Mechanical Engineering would be the best major for me?

Asked Kansas City, Missouri

I am a junior in high school and I'm pretty sure that I want to major in mechanical engineering but I've been second guessing myself. I love math and it is my best subject, I also like to help people and create new things. I keep wondering if I should change my major or if I will really like mechanical engineering? #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer #pre-engineering

3 answers

David’s Answer

Updated Indianapolis, Indiana

Mechanical Engineering is an excellent major to pursue if you love math, science, and creating things. In terms of its applications, Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest types of engineering degrees. A good mechanical engineer can work in almost any industry, from aerospace to petroleum, construction to kids toys. You'll acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to make ANYTHING!

Okay, thank you very much. :)

Ryan’s Answer

Updated Lowell, Massachusetts

Only you can know what is the best major for you, but as David mentioned, Mechanical Engineering is a great discipline as there are numerous areas to pursue. From nanotechnology applications, to engine designs, to mechanical failure analysis, there is a need for mechanical engineers in pretty much any technology field and beyond.

One thing to keep in mind is that your degree won't limit what you can do afterwards. The problem skills that you'll acquire will be highly sought by employers, so you'll be able to transition between career paths as you learn and grow. It's not uncommon to see engineers move into field such as law, public policy, finance, or consulting.

My advice would be to keep your options open, always looking to see where your interests pull you, but don't be afraid to commit to a major. Your major will help get your foot in the door when you get into the workforce, but everything after that is pretty much limited only by your desire to learn the needed skills for your next step.

Good luck!

Okay, thank you very much. :)

Sam’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Yes, mechanical engineering would be good fit for you.