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What are the career options as a PR major?

I am a freshman at college and I am majoring in PR at San Jose State University. I love studying it so far. After I am done with my bachelors, should I go for my Masters or find a job? Also, what kind of job in this field would pay me more? #public-relations #marketing #employment #internships #career-advice

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Hi Deep, Simply put, NO, you don't need to get a Master's after graduating for PR. I owned a Marketing & Communications staffing firm for 16 yrs. Rarely did any of the Pubic Relations or Marketing professionals we placed have a MA degree. Also, currently as an Employment Coach, I've helped a number of new/recent grads launch their careers in the area of Public Relations & Communications. Prepare now for graduation by getting some PAID internships in PR. #college major, #public Relations, #communications, #careers, #college, #college graduate, #youth employment

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I will agree with Lisa. This is NOT a degree-conscious field at all. It's not necessary. An advanced degree will allow you to supplement your income as an adjunct professor (a Master's degree is typically the minimum requirement), and most companies will treat it as the equivalent of couple of years of work experience once you've been in the industry for a year or two. But it won't give you much of a pay bump up front, nor will it help you land that first job. The benefits of advanced degrees come very slowly -- probably even more slowly than your repayment schedule for the school debt (although assistantships can help offset that). There ARE benefits, but I've noticed them much later in life. As for your second question, that's a much harder one to answer. WHO KNOWS what's going to be hot, even a couple of years from now. In general, tech pays a bit more than consumer, at least at first. If you're not sure of what industry you want to go into, picking an agency job might be a good bet, as it'll typically give you a chance to explore a few different areas. As you get older, there are more opportunities on the client side, however, so bear that in mind -- there are only so many agencies but there are a lot of businesses that need marketing/PR help.
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