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I am interested in Global Climate change. What career can revolve around trying to find ways to tackle this issue?

I find global warming so interesting. I would like to find ways to find ways to give clean water to third world countries and I'm interested in food hunger and how to prevent it. I think that using cattle as one of our main food sources is so ineffective. I want a job where I can go visit these countries and find ways to improve these people lives. I would also like to help in Chinas air quality pollution, for it's terrible to see that people are dying for this reason. #environment #water #climate-change

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2 answers

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Elisabetta’s Answer

Hi Jennifer! To resolve global climate change, we need scientists, law-makers, businesses, countries leaders and many other players! Think about what type of field attracts you. If you like science, you might want to evaluate a PhD in environmental science, experimenting new technologies related to air or water pollution (carbon sequestration from the air or capturing plastics waste in the ocean). You might like making rules that tackle climate change, forcing a positive change for the planet (decreasing fossil fuels energy sourcing, or increasing electric vehicles use, etc). In that case, you might think about pursuing Law studies first. From your post, it sounds like you want some hands on experience first which I think is great: you might discover the field within climate change that you're most passionate about. Have a look on WWF website (or similar wide environmental volunteering/protection associations), they often advertise some volunteering experience around the world, that can be related to what you are interested.

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Eva’s Answer

There are many careers that focus on global climate change, from university research institutes (environmental studies) to not for profit organizations - national and international - that focus on this topic. Also, institutions like the U.N. have departments specializing in global change. Research "global climate change" on the Internet and see what organizations pop up that tackle this issue. Also, research universities across the country - and world! - that have engineering, environmental studies, public policy studies to develop skills and expertise in this field. At college you will learn about organizations that are working in this field - and be able to do internships abroad to gain field work experience.

Good luck!