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What is the best way to learn day trading?

How did you learn? Does it require college or some other type of secondary education? How long does it take to learn and be successful?

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1 answer

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Vamshee’s Answer

I don't personally encourage day trading as a profession. I suggest you become a Investment Banker or Join a brokerage firm or ETF companies to work in manage and investing the funds for customers.

Investing is good to learn for all, so one can invest money wisely for future or retirement or reach financial freedom for retirement.

To Practice or learn trading one can start with 'Paper trading' lot of brokerage companies offer the paper trading using which one can practice the trading skills and be successful at investing.

These are the few you can consider to practice paper trading.

E*TRADE: E*TRADE Paper Trading

TD Ameritrade: TD Ameritrade paperMoney Virtual Stock Market Simulator

Interactive Brokers: Interactive Brokers Paper Trading Account

TradeStation: TradeStation Simulated Trading

Webull: Webull Paper Account

An individual must be at least 18 to open their own brokerage account and buy stocks.

To be a day trader, one has to maintain min 25K balance in the account and need to satisfy the brokerage providers requirements.

To become a successful trader or to become a investment banker or start career in trading, you can consider the following.

Good at Maths, Statistics, Economics and Finance.

Earn a bachelor's degree in accounting, Finance or Business
Earning master's degree gets you a Mid/Senior Level Jobs

Hope this helps!