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Myo Min May 22 65 views

What do I do to become a programmer?

For example, google

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn May 22 49 views

What is the best language to learn as a beginner to becoming bilingual if English is your first language ?

I am a freshman in high school the end of the year is this Thursday, the last day of school. I decided to learn a new language over the summer since I would like to become a nurse or travel nurse, or just something that allows me to help others as much as possible. However I have struggled with...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia May 17 36 views

Is it worth it to get a master's degree in graphic design?

Wondering if it is worth the time and money for the opportunities a master's degree opens up.

Rosselin’s Avatar
Rosselin May 17 83 views

How do I find my perfect future career?

I'm unsure of what I want to do with my life

Braden’s Avatar
Braden May 12 39 views

How do I find a major?

I don't know what to major in for college.

Braden’s Avatar
Braden May 12 44 views

What are good colleges?

I'm a junior in high school and I still have no idea what college I want to go to.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 10 54 views

How do I save money ?

How do I save in a constant way without taking it out on impulse. I need to save for college but I’m bad at taking money out

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny May 09 47 views

What is the best way to avoid college debt?

I'm about to go to college soon, and I was wondering if there was any way I could avoid college debt?

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 09 47 views

how to be more focused on school?

How can I stop being so lazy and take action in more of my school work

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar May 09 25 views

what kind of people should i surround myself with?

I think I have a somewhat clue of the kind of people i should surround myself with but i will like your guys feed back

Justin’s Avatar
Justin May 09 63 views

What does it take to become a Mechanical Engineer?

I am a 9th grader at MESA Charter High School currently talking STEM and Geometry. I also have a heavy interest in Math, and I like to figure things out on my own and finding one right way.

Ching’s Avatar
Ching May 08 46 views

In what ways are the knowledge of Computer Science used in renewable energy?

Hi all, I have recently been admitted for computer science major, but I am also passionate about renewable energy. How can a computer science major help develop renewable energy?

Pedro’s Avatar
Pedro May 08 55 views

How long does it take for a masters degree in engineering?

How many years, classes, and costs.

Jose’s Avatar
Jose May 08 36 views

What are the common things that geologists do?

I would like to understand in a more deeper term on what they do.

evelyn’s Avatar
evelyn May 08 51 views

How can I do better in class?

Just pay attention and take notes on what is important.