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Is stock market investing a good career path?

Asked New York, New York

I have a passion for cooking but if finding a career in culinary is not working out I would like to make a living Investing in stocks. If this is a good career path what college classes, major, and internships should I be taking as a incoming freshman in college the fall of 2016 to be successful in this type of career path. #finance #stock-market #stocks-investing #stock-trading #stocks

3 answers

Chad’s Answer

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When I was your age, I wanted to do the same thing. I majored in finance in college and what I realized is that it's very hard to graduate college and jump right into a career where you're able to trade stocks and manage people's money unless you're a financial advisor. I would certainly focus on the finance degree for starters. Second, I would look at career opportunities at companies that manage equity funds or investments. I've noticed that many fund portfolio managers start as a "product" manager and work their way up from there. If you want to manage individual investor accounts, the challenge is that it's hard to grow your "book" of business. Imagine a 65 year old client with $500k they want to invest. The odds of that investor giving the $500k to a financial advisor that's in their early 20's is slim. The barrier to entry is tough, but can be fruitful.

Building your network, internships and what you learn in school through a finance degree would be a great start. Also note that their are many more career opportunities in the fixed income/debt markets. The global debt market is roughly 7-8 times the size of the global equity market.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Rachel’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois
For anyone who has this question, if making a living in investing stocks if a good option for you, it's worth checking out what's out there on the web for free online mock trading sites. wallstreetsurvivor.com is one example, to really help give the understanding of what it is like to trade in the stock market, even using real stock market information, but being in a learning environment. Good luck!

Gary Stephen’s Answer

Updated Harlingen, Texas

Hi, Good question, I am not in the stock market career field but wanted to give you an answer to your question. I would take some courses, either as part of your degree plan or as electives, on anything finance/economics or personal finance/investing related to learn more about the stock market. You can also learn alot about investing on the internet. Investopedia dot com is a good website. Good luck!