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Is stock market investing a good career path?

I have a passion for cooking but if finding a career in culinary is not working out I would like to make a living Investing in stocks. If this is a good career path what college classes, major, and internships should I be taking as a incoming freshman in college the fall of 2016 to be successful in this type of career path. finance stock-market stocks-investing stock-trading stocks

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5 answers

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Prashanth’s Answer

Yes! Stock market can be a good and lucrative career path if you can find consistency in your profit. The Game of stock market is very uncertain and to be successful in it you need to have proper knowledge and experience. But stock market is more like high risk high reward. If you have good capital and have high risk taking capabilities then you should surely look into stock market as career option. Remember stock market is a business and money is your product. So you need good amount of money to make consistent income through stock market. But first you should learn the basics of it like technical analysis, fundamental analysis etc. Without proper knowledge and experience, you may loss all your money so first study, practice and then get on to the path of it :) Happy trading :)
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Liuv’s Answer

Yes to answer your question. I've seen several people make a living out of day trading. $300 a day can take you far. You must be disciplined, have a strategy, cut losses, take profit, and don't get greedy. I made a goal of saving $200 per week for one year. $200*52= $10,400. So I took those 10 and trade with them. lost about 3. Then went from $7k to 12k. Currently I am at a like $15k loss. But I learned how to trade. Little by little I will get out this and once I breakeven I'll be happy lol. Just don't get greedy I would be up over 200% on a trade and end up losing 30%. I keep saying hold. Careful with penny stocks, but do learn how to short. Try shooting for a 1-2% profit or cut losses at 2%. Go for big known companies. Trade them 1-2 trading days after a big catalyst like an earnings report or any news for that matter. The day of the events are very volatile and should be traded with lots of patience honestly. That's why the % is very low you will also cut losses at 2% once your trade is down 2% for example $10k into a trade down $200. If you are up 1-2% on 10k you are making $100-200. Keep in mind that there are SEC regulations. Over $25k for unlimited day trades at all times if you have a margin account so you can short, you need around $2,500 to be able to short stocks. Cash accounts are unlimited trade with as little money possible or a much but the money has to clear giving a share trade taking 2 days and option 1.
Income 1 Going long on stocks. Buying low sell high.
Income 2 Going short on stocks. Buy High sell low. :)
Income 3 Options Calls
Income 4 Options Puts
Income 5 Real Estate
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Chad’s Answer


When I was your age, I wanted to do the same thing. I majored in finance in college and what I realized is that it's very hard to graduate college and jump right into a career where you're able to trade stocks and manage people's money unless you're a financial advisor. I would certainly focus on the finance degree for starters. Second, I would look at career opportunities at companies that manage equity funds or investments. I've noticed that many fund portfolio managers start as a "product" manager and work their way up from there. If you want to manage individual investor accounts, the challenge is that it's hard to grow your "book" of business. Imagine a 65 year old client with $500k they want to invest. The odds of that investor giving the $500k to a financial advisor that's in their early 20's is slim. The barrier to entry is tough, but can be fruitful.

Building your network, internships and what you learn in school through a finance degree would be a great start. Also note that their are many more career opportunities in the fixed income/debt markets. The global debt market is roughly 7-8 times the size of the global equity market.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Gary’s Answer

Good question, I am not in the stock market career field but wanted to give you an answer to your question.
I would take some courses, either as part of your degree plan or as electives, on anything finance/economics or personal finance/investing related to learn more about the stock market. You can also learn alot about investing on the internet. Investopedia dot com is a good website.
Good luck!

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Rachel’s Answer

For anyone who has this question, if making a living in investing stocks if a good option for you, it's worth checking out what's out there on the web for free online mock trading sites. is one example, to really help give the understanding of what it is like to trade in the stock market, even using real stock market information, but being in a learning environment.
Good luck!