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What is the best marketing college in Texas?

I'm from Texas and I really don't want to.leave the state stock-market

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3 answers

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Steve’s Answer

I may be biased, but UT's programs are top-notch. And that comes from someone who also went to Northwestern University and saw what it takes to be a part of the Kellogg School.

The one thing I'll say beyond which is best is you should find the place where you will be challenged the most. Staying close is important to some people (it was for me). But I made my decision on undergraduate - both which school to go to and which majors to take - based on how they would help me grow as a person.

It's not so much how good the place is - it's what you make of it.

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Andrea’s Answer

I went to Texas A&M for grad school. I did a masters of business and specialized in marketing. It was a good experience. It's really up to you though. You could go to an awesome school and not apply yourself and not get a lot out of your degree or you could go to a school that doesn't have as high of a ranking and really apply yourself and get a ton out of it.

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Tina’s Answer

Myles, there are a number of colleges in Texas that have a good marketing program. I've attached a listing below.

If you are looking for the very top school, the University of Texas-Austin is ranked as the #5 program in the U.S. by the US News ranking that is regarded as one of the best rankings for collegiate programs each year.

Good luck in your career choice!!