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Is an economics minor useful? For those who have that minor or have employees that minor in economics, has it impacted your career and how?

I am a freshman International Business major. college-minor majors-and-minors academic-advising majors GivingisCaring

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3 answers

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Javier’s Answer

Hi Laniya!
I have an economics Major and found it very useful in my career. Economics will give you a strong foundation for a career in various business related fields, such as Business Management, Finance, Analytics, Business Operations. What I liked about Economics is that is a broad enough to give you the opportunity to decide what specific business areas you want to focus on later in your career. In my case I went into Tech and pursued a business / sales management track. As a Minor econ would make a good compliment to other areas, not sure what you're thinking about for a Major. With a Econ background I was also able to later in my career pursue and MBA and draw upon my knowledge acquired via Economics studies. Whatever you choose it is great to hear you are considering a University degree. Best of luck in your future!
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Miguel’s Answer

Hi Laniya,

(1) Is an economics minor useful?

An economics minor is useful if you’re trying to gain further knowledge in economics about the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. Also, extra coursework in economics can help you improve your chances to gain admissions to an MBA program (if you’re pursuing a business career). However, economic courses are challenging and requires a lot of studying time, Having a minor is paying extra money to take additional coursework. Depending on the grades you earn, it will have a major affect on your overall GPA if it’s higher or lower.

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Kevin’s Answer

Hey Laniya,
I will piggyback on Javier's great answer that was full of really good info. I have a degree in business management and took many courses related to Economics. I will add that Economics and similar classes are full of info that not only might be related to whatever career you choose, but it also can be used in everyday life. I have found that school can get away from teaching some of the tools needed for things you might face outside of work. Economics can help with many things like that. You can learn about owning a home or how rental agreements work so you can know the basics when you start your career. It can also teach you many things about banking or investing to help you understand the things you can do with your money, as well as, a general knowledge on taxes and avoiding debt and so many topics that you might face in everyday life. It is a great class to help you with these things. Just remember, don't worry about taking courses that sound too specific. Many of the business classes help you in many areas, but also allow you to go into so many areas when you graduate and are ready to choose a career. Good Luck!