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Is there a way I can pursue a Biology major while also pursuing a minor in International Studies?

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Austin’s Answer

Hi Laniece,

Great question Laniece!! So to answer your question quickly, yes it is possible to pursue a major in Biology and minor in International Studies at the same time. I must warn you thought that this is by no means going to be easy. I pursued a minor and a major at the same time and I was very busy during my time in college. While it was possible to be studying two things, I had to be very aware of time management and not waste time.

A science major is going to be a bit more challenging as you will have both lecture and lab that you will have to complete for the major. While this may add more classes and stress, you will be able to pursue a major and a minor. The bottom line is that so long as you are willing to work, study, and be focused you will be able to pursue two fields of study and succeed.

I recommend first starting off with the Biology major and trying that out for a little bit; if you are able to handle the work load then go ahead and add the minor. It is better to add fields of study that to drop a major/minor because of the work load or stress.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.