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OnequeW_af13 . Mar 27, 2013 952 views

what if i dont get into med school

what should I start looking to do if i dont get into med school...


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Aisha R. May 22, 2016 576 views

Is a Humanities Transfer program or a Social Science Transfer program good for a Psychology major?

I'm going to a two-year college then transfer to a 4 year college and I want to know which transfer programs would be a perfect match. psychology college-transfer college...


Bonnie R.’s Avatar
Bonnie R. Oct 25, 2016 585 views

Is biology the right choice?

I am currently in community college to complete my prerequisites for a biology major. I want to transfer to UC Davis or Cal Poly Pomona because I want to become a veterinary technician and then later on advance into a veterinarian. However, I am finding chemistry to be a really difficult...

college-transfer animal-health veterinarian biology veterinary-technician veterinary

Bonnie R.’s Avatar
Bonnie R. Oct 25, 2016 618 views

How difficult is it to transfer to UC Davis?

I am currently a biology major in community college and I was wondering, from first hand experience, how difficult was it for a majority of you to transfer into UC Davis, and how much time did you devote to it? Was the teaching style different from college to university? college biology...

university college-transfer college-admissions university-teaching transfer

Hadi D.’s Avatar
Hadi D. Feb 22, 2017 778 views

What kind of things should be done to improve the effectiveness of studying?

I'd like to get the answer as a college student. Thank you. studying-tips...


Marissa B.’s Avatar
Marissa B. Apr 26, 2017 924 views

How do you balance school work, classes, and a job.

I have a part time job and a lot of school work to deal with on the daily. Is there a way to make it easier to handle so I do not feel like I am constantly being overwhelmed? school organization...


Jennifer R.’s Avatar
Jennifer R. Jan 16, 2018 534 views


When transferring, do colleges and universities look favorably when you belong to multiple organizations or clubs or it is less important for a transfer student. college-transfer college-admissions college...


Ayanna W.’s Avatar
Ayanna W. Jan 18, 2018 325 views

What is the best way to find the perfect college after a two year college program.

Finding the perfect college or university, and finding a interesting place to progress a career is the difficult thing after graduating from a two-year program. Not knowing how to find a career because you cannot find the perfect college is a very hard thing to think about, so how would you go...


Wanda H.’s Avatar
Wanda H. Jan 18, 2018 417 views

#college-transfer, How can I make it more enjoyable and smoothly for myself to transfer to another school?

college-transfer It is so a dainty task to transfer from one school to another with all the paperwork involved. Schools should make it easier for students to do so. They always make the transfer students feel like freshmen right out of high school instead of professional students with...

Natasha S.’s Avatar
Natasha S. Sep 04, 2018 292 views

When do i want to go to school?

Do i want to go to college right after school or do i even want to go to college? school...


emily G.’s Avatar
emily G. Oct 19, 2020 172 views

how long did you go to college to be a surgeon

is it hard to learn everything you need to know to be a surgeon #...