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What is the best way to find the perfect college after a two year college program.

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Finding the perfect college or university, and finding a interesting place to progress a career is the difficult thing after graduating from a two-year program. Not knowing how to find a career because you cannot find the perfect college is a very hard thing to think about, so how would you go about finding a college to finish your major. #college-transfer

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This is depends on whether or not you already started college. If not, I recommend you start and finish with the same college. Odds of success go up drastically when you start and finish at the same college. You can see the statistics of on-time graduation by visiting Complete College America online. They are a non-profit that tracks graduation and completion rates nationwide because the best way to save money on college is to finish on time.

here is a link... http://completecollege.org/

If you have already started at a 2 year college, the first thing you want to find out is to see what existing credits will transfer. This is where things can get tricky. Often times only a portion of credits will transfer to the other college. So you may need to retake some courses.

As to major, I recommend that you visit any career resources or services at your existing college. The key here is to take a career assessment to narrow down your top 5-10 career options. I don’t want you to narrow things to one major. You’ll put yourself in a box. By finding your top 5-10 career options, you can usually find just 2 majors they all have in common. Sometimes you’ll find three. They key is to only look at colleges that have both majors or all three. The reason I recommend this is that the odds of changing majors are very high. By using this plan, you can change majors without having to change colleges. Because as I have mentioned before, you can lose a lot of credits when you change colleges to change majors.

If if you need help with a great career and major assessment, try the Focus2. Here is a link... http://focus2career.com/

The other big problem is how to pay for all of this. This may sound counterintuitive, but you want to seek out colleges that have generous endowments. Though they have higher price tags, they often give larger grants and scholarships. These “expensive” colleges can cost less than in- state public colleges. In addition, these colleges have better graduation and completion rates along with better grad school and employment placement rates. Here is a great article in US News and World Reports that talks about this very fact...


I’d love to teach more about this but I would need more specific financial details about your situation.

I hope this helps!

Danilo recommends the following next steps:

  • Do a career search. Identify your top 5-10 career choices.
  • Do a LinkedIn search of people in the professions of interest. Look at where they went to college and what they majored in. This is where you will see the pattern. Find the top 2 majors that will get you to 90%-100% of your career choices. Even if you are not spot on, you’ll probably be pretty darned close.
  • Research colleges and depending on your profile, see which ones will pay aid and which ones won’t. Reach out if you need more specifics on how to do this.
  • Good luck!