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Shan Feb 20, 2021 1309 views

Interview Tips and Advice and Questions

What are some common interview questions that private universities tend to ask their applicants when trying to decide for admission or scholarship purposes? What questions do you remember being asked? Or think they will ask? Any tips and advice, for a student who is undergoing the interview...

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Shan Jan 27, 2021 869 views

Any College Advice?

What is some college advice that every incoming freshman should know, in regards to classes, career choices, volunteering, internships, roommates, etc. #college #collegeadvice

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Shan Jan 27, 2021 844 views

Those with a Cognitive Science degree, what is your career now?

I am slightly interested in Cognitive Science, however, I am not to sure about the job opening s for those with Cognitive Science degrees? Like what do you do now after graduating and getting you BA/BS in Cognitive Science? #career-development #career #STEM #stem #cognitive-science #cog-sci

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Shan Jan 25, 2021 1395 views

I am somewhat interested in STEM, but I don't really know what specifically I wanna do?

I am a bit interested in engineering, possibly heading down the medical route, cog sci, I'm not really sure #tech #women-in-stem #stem #tech #stemcareers #medical #cognitive-science #engineering #medicalschool