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Tanya W.’s Avatar
Tanya W. yesterday 31 views

How can I boost my resume?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering but I don’t have much job experience and I didn’t do internship because my scholarship agreement didn’t allow it. What are some ways I can boost my resume so that I can stand out among applicants? Right now I’m trying to get certified in solid works....

#career #jobsearch

Samantha M.’s Avatar
Samantha M. Mar 27, 2018 681 views

What is a typical day for a neurosurgeon like?

I want to know more about their shifts and the time they spend at a hospital. Also, how they manage their time to work and rest throughout the day. How long are most neurosurgeries? #neurosurgery #medicine...


Nathaniel H.’s Avatar
Nathaniel H. May 13, 2016 506 views

When I attend college to become a forensic psychologist, what kind of classes are recommended?

I really want to know this because my dream is to become a blood spatter analyst. the more I know about these things, the easier that will be. #forensics #forensic-psychology #psychology #science...


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 26, 2016 533 views

How do you apply to a job when you don't have any job experience whatsoever?

I am looking for a job that is compatible with high school and its workload but accepts people with no job experience as a way to gain some. #jobs #high-school-students #entry-level...


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 26, 2016 429 views

What are some good jobs to start out with for the experience?

I want to find a job that is compatible with high school hours and homework but gives some job experience. The pay doesn't matter per say but above minimum wage would definitely be a plus. #jobs #high-school-students...


Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Jun 10 103 views

what is the bs/md program

I am interested in the route of becoming a doctor right after high school, since it will save time and money, without requiring an MCAT. What are the differences between #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #medical #medicine #doctor this versus the traditional route and is it easier or...

Kate D.’s Avatar
Kate D. Sep 12 93 views

How to do well in an internship for the offer to convert to a full-time role?

Hello, I'm a recent graduate that landed a 6 month trainee/internship programme with the possibility to convert to a full time role following it. Do you have any tips on how I can stand out to make this possible? #internships #internship...


Odalis D.’s Avatar
Odalis D. Jan 16, 2018 243 views

Which are the best schools for an education major

I asking because want to know my options for when I start applying for colleges #college #teaching...


Melissa M.’s Avatar
Melissa M. Aug 18 77 views

What bachelor's degree should an aspiring forensic psychologist aim for?

Hello! I'm currently a freshman in college and am unsure as to what degree would best be suited for a future career as a forensic psychologist. I'm currently majoring in psychology and plan to obtain a B.A.. However, I wanted to receive expert advice on whether this route is the best option. I...

#expertadvice #forensicpsychology #psychology #college

Ashley D.’s Avatar
Ashley D. Aug 27, 2018 191 views

What are the steps to become a General Pediatrician?

I have heard many different ways you can be just to become a doctor. However, I want to know what I have to do to actually get to where I want to be. I am a latino women and for me to become a doctor is a huge step for my family. I am not only doing this for my family but mostly for me. I want...

#doctor #sos #medicine

lauryn S.’s Avatar
lauryn S. Aug 15, 2016 445 views

When athletes and coaches in the sports entertainment industry travel for games, are they given time to explore the location they are playing at or are they only able to attend the game?

I watch a lot of sports and notice that games are hosted all over the world, but I was not sure if the athletes are able to visit the place their games are at, or simply attend practices and games and stay in their hotel room. #athlete #sport #sports...


Ivette A.’s Avatar
Ivette A. Aug 31 67 views

.. I never finished high school and would like to get into real estate,, should I take certain math courses or any other courses to get started?

Im Stay at home Mom, for quite sum time. .Doubtful, tho I know I have potential. . Trying to get myself into a profession where I can possibly make good money. No clue where to start. No high school diploma....


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 21, 2016 447 views

Can someone explain federal work study for me? Also can they elaborate on which universities offer this option.

I've heard the term mentioned briefly in passing and I wanted to understand what it means exactly and how this can benefit me. It would also be wonderful if someone could provide a list of universities that support federal work study or work study in general. #university #financial-aid...

#work-study #federal-work-study

Samantha M.’s Avatar
Samantha M. Mar 27, 2018 264 views

What exactly does it mean to be a board-certified surgeon?

Why is it that board-certified physicians/surgeons are held to a higher standard than others? What exactly does it mean to be board-certified? Just more certificates from exams? How does one become board-certified? #boardcertified #surgeon #physician #doctor...


Noemi P.’s Avatar
Noemi P. Jul 19, 2018 186 views

What schools in California are known for their psychology program?

I want to attend undergraduate school in California and am considering majoring in psychology. What schools (private and/or public) have amazing psychology programs? #school #psychology...


Jacklyn H.’s Avatar
Jacklyn H. Apr 11, 2018 256 views
Elsa Roberts’s Avatar
Elsa R. Aug 15 72 views

I am a graduate medical student, interested in volunteering.

I am part of a medical master's program, and am part of a team looking to volunteer and provide career advice to high school students. Can you put me in touch with someone? #volunteer...

Emily C.’s Avatar
Emily C. Apr 03, 2018 234 views

Does your ethnicity play a key role in being considered for a scholarship?

I am half Mexican and have always been a bit discriminated against. I would like to know if it my ethnicity can now be a benefit to me. #scholarships...


Mia S.’s Avatar
Mia S. Aug 21, 2018 223 views

Is it smart to major and minor or just focus on a major?

Is it a good idea to both major and minor or is it better to just focus on your major? # #majors-and-minors #co #college-major #choosing-a-major...


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 10, 2016 653 views

What is a good way to ensure that your scholarship essay/form/answer gets considered?

I want to be prepared for when I begin applying for scholarships and such as I am in high school now. #scholarships...


Isabelle S.’s Avatar
Isabelle S. Jan 24, 2018 264 views

What steps should I take when writing my college essays?

Is there anything specific I should or should’t do when writing my college essay? What are the most common mistakes others make and how can they be fixed? Should I show my teachers for help? #essay...


Ashiq Ilahi S.’s Avatar
Ashiq Ilahi S. Apr 04 120 views

I would like to know if there are any summer/online internships for high schoolers related to Architecture and Design in LA?

I am interested in pursuing a career related to Architecture. In order to develop experience, I would like to know if there any openings for either summer or online internships related to this subject. Thank You. #career #architecture #internship...


Giovanna S.’s Avatar
Giovanna S. Aug 04 73 views

What are the different kinds of nurses

I want to be a nurse but I do not know the different kinds of nurses there are....


Jannel W.’s Avatar
Jannel W. Mar 16, 2018 177 views

Teaching Credential Advantages

What type of volunteer or experience should students have to help them get into teaching credential programs?...


Charlotte Y.’s Avatar
Charlotte Y. Aug 09 78 views

What should/can i major in in college if I am aiming to be in the medical field?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am not sure about what I can or what I should major in in college if I want to work within the medical field later on. I have heard that you can major in anything in college as long as you take some required classes for medicine but I am not...

#neurology #classes #majors #physical #double-major

Joshua K.’s Avatar
Joshua K. Mar 06 117 views

What is the best free online SAT practice?

I'm a sophomore in high school in Orange County, CA and I'm looking for free and/or low-cost resources and training materials for SAT prep. I have a 3.6 GPA and need particular help in reading comprehension. #sat #college-prep #college-admissions #studying-tips...


farheen D.’s Avatar
farheen D. Apr 28 103 views

Steps to becoming a doctor

I got to community college and intend on transferring to UCLA to do biochemistry as my premed degree. How can I make myself a more competitive applicant? #college #doctor #premed #medical #medicine...


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