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How do we keep young men and women involved in the community!

Updated Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I love social work and I intern for Mercy Corps NW. We work with men and women reentering the community to get the resources they need to be successful. #5-10 #social-work #reentry #community #nonprofits #community-involvement

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Angela’s Answer

Updated Sunnyvale, California

Hi Anthony:

You ask a great question. I believe the key is to continue to include the young men and women all along the way - in the work, programs/services, decisions, etc. Those of us who work in the helping profession too often decide we know what's best for residents or those we serve. We too often forget those in the community need to be at the table and be actively involved in how we develop and deliver our work. We don't know what's best for others, we need to constantly be in conversation and practice actively listening to hear directly from those who are trying to help.

You can keep young men and women involved by doing what you are doing now - constantly ask the question and give opportunities for those in the community to participate and share their knowledge, needs, concerns, ideas, etc. with providers. In my work, there are formal committees and commissions where residents can apply and serve. We have a teen advisory committee for young people to share their insight and participate in decision making process.

Hope this helps,