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What are the first things I should look to be involved in at college for an incoming freshman?

Asked Woodstock, Connecticut

I am quite nervous about going to a large college (roughly 20,000). I wish to make my application stand out to future employers by getting involved with the school however I am not sure what exactly would make me stand out as an individual.
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Lindsay’s Answer


Trisha, this is a great question and it's awesome that you are already thinking about it. Big schools have a lot to offer so hopefully you'll be able to align your activities / extracurriculars with your interest areas. Start by going to any orientation events that your school holds. Also, talk to your counselor early on and establish a good relationship here. She or He will be able to help guide you throughout your college journey and if you have a strong relationship, they will likely think of you when events come up that pertain to your interests. That said, college is a great time to explore many things. Don't just join clubs or get involved with things because you think they will help you get a job in a certain profession - I'd recommend trying a few different things. It's great to build your network, even outside your industry, and college is a perfect place to start. Have fun!