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Sarah S. Jul 16, 2014 1287 views

what career options would lead to working with NASA?

since childhood I always wanted to work at NASA and earn big bucks disregarding the job I I completed my 10 n am confused what to choose either IT , comp eng , electronics and telecom or electrical eng which will lead the way to my dream. I aslo want to know its difficulty levels...

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Angelina P. Jul 10, 2017 12389 views

If you were your own manager for one day, what would you change?

If you were in charge of the department you work in for one day, what would you do differently? Would it be something with the actual work you do, or the place you work in? Thanks for your time! #career-choice #change-management #project-management #professional-training #computer-software...

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Ryan L. Aug 27, 2019 200 views

What is a good entry level job to start building work experience while on a Business Administration track?

I see myself as having the skills to be a strong leader in my professional future, but I want to start building the workplace experience to match and further develop those skills. What entry-level positions would give me relevant work experience that would be valued after completion of my...

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Brianna D. Aug 27, 2019 179 views

How many years do I need to go to college to be a physical therapist and what are some skills I would need to pursue this career?

I am in the 11th grade, I am 16 years old. I would love to hear more information on becoming a physical therapist and what I would need to do to complete these first steps in the career field. #physical-therapist #how-many-years #what-college #therapy #physical-therapy #career...


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Ellie Z. Jan 18 340 views

When did you know what you really wanted to be?

I think I want to be an engineer but im not completely sure. How will I know if ths job is right for me?...