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Ali G. May 08, 2016 2986 views

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I would really like to be a manager or CEO one day. What is the hardest part about managing a team? What do you like best about it? Thank you! technology management leadership...


Deanicia D.’s Avatar
Deanicia D. Oct 28, 2016 4955 views

Should I talk about my failures when being interviewed for a job?

I read an article about how a recruiter who interviews students got an answer of "I expect failure" from one of the students. Then they went and wrote an article on how this answer was amazing. Should I do the same and state some failures like struggles in class or should I keep that to myself....

interviews mathematics technology failure interview-questions science job-application

Deanicia D.’s Avatar
Deanicia D. Oct 28, 2016 21313 views

When asked the question, "Why do you want this job" what's the best way to respond?

When I apply, this is the most common question, however, I do not really know what they expect in an answer. science technology mathematics interviews interview-questions...


Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. Jul 10, 2017 16752 views

If you were your own manager for one day, what would you change?

If you were in charge of the department you work in for one day, what would you do differently? Would it be something with the actual work you do, or the place you work in? Thanks for your time! career-choice change-management project-management professional-training computer-software...

law information-technology telecommunications healthcare

Angelina P.’s Avatar
Angelina P. Jul 10, 2017 3263 views

How much time do you have to make a first impression?

I know that first impressions matter, that they are extremely important. Does anyone know exactly how long you have to make a first impression? Thank you! marketing-and-advertising information-technology-and-services financial-services...


Jenna P.’s Avatar
Jenna P. Jan 16, 2018 348 views

When making a study plan like joining study groups or just simply setting aside time to study, how often are you able to stick to that plan? Or do you just study whenever you get the chance?

I'm trying to work harder to not procrasrtinate and study more often, but I would like to know how college life will affect how the routines i try to studying time-management...


jose M.’s Avatar
jose M. Feb 22, 2018 844 views

I work for AT&T in retail now, how can i transition to AT&T in IT?

I'm a college senior who is expected to graduate from the Information Technology program in may 2018 and currently I'm an intern as a data quality analyst. I love working for AT&T but i feel like i may have to look else where to get a start in my IT adventure, does anyone have any...

loyalty college internships retail search big-data mentor information-technology career-transition graduate att

Alexa R.’s Avatar
Alexa R. Mar 25, 2018 1096 views

How do I devote my career to serving others while making sure I'm financially stable and independent?

My college education has been rich in genuine service, social action, and giving back to my campus and my community. I have loved every second of this experience because I thrive on interacting with new people and I want to change the world. I truly believe people can make an impact and I want...

leadership service

Candace C.’s Avatar
Candace C. Apr 14, 2019 599 views

Who am I? What am I doing here?

I am struggling with my own individual identity and I have so many career questions. I want to be an astronaut but sometimes I just want to be a policeman. No one really knows what they want to do honestly but I think I might just skip college and be an alien. astronaut mars womenintech...

college stem science undecided engineering career college-major

Christian S.’s Avatar
Christian S. Apr 16, 2019 348 views

Should high school be fun?

Should I take classes that are hard, and will prep me for college and career, or should I wait for college to teach me what I need to know, and take fun classes in high school? So that way I'm not so stressed with athletics, extracurriculars, and my job? college education high-school...

school student gpa

tionna B.’s Avatar
tionna B. May 21, 2019 252 views

What is your management style? What management style do you prefer for your supervisor to have?

i like working in closed quiet spaces, if alot is going on there might be alot of confusion and mistakes happen. tryagain Don'tgiveup...


Christian S.’s Avatar
Christian S. May 26, 2019 551 views

Do you really need to take high school classes in preparation to college?

Do you need to take relevant high school classes to your major in college, or will college teach you everything you need to know? college student college-major high-school time-management college-bound major engineering physics chemistry biology calculus science technology...