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Geneva, Ohio
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I hope to follow my dreams do good in the world and make people around me happy including my friends and a special person


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Marie Oct 23, 2020 630 views

how much money do RN's make?

#RN #money-management #career

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Marie Oct 06, 2020 719 views

Is it possible to be a singer?

I love to sing and I have a dream to be a artist #singing #singer

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Marie Oct 05, 2020 650 views

Is it easy to learn Spanish?

I want to learn Spanish #student #education #learning but It is really hard and not really easy to understand

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Marie Aug 24, 2020 638 views

what is it like to talk to a deaf person as a speech-language pathologist?

I was learning how to do sign language and i was just wondering how like the deaf and blind person understand it
#supportthedeafandblind #speech-therapy #speech #asl #slp #speech-pathology

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Marie Jul 22, 2020 871 views

How can we be there for family durning Covid-19?

alot of signs and people are saying we are in this together but hospitals are not allowing visitors and we might have family there
#hope #Covid-19

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Marie May 27, 2020 683 views

How much money does a RN make?

I am a little between careers #money

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Marie May 22, 2020 800 views

Can I Become fluent in ASL?

ASL- American #english #any Sign Language

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Marie May 21, 2020 704 views

why is sign language different?

like counting to 10 in SL is different they just counting on your fingers #teacher

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Marie May 20, 2020 713 views

Is learning sign language easy?

#language #teaching

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Marie May 19, 2020 1410 views

where do u go to learn sign language?

# #language #any #professional

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Marie May 19, 2020 877 views

Is teaching people sign language a career?

I would love to learn and teach others #teaching

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Marie May 18, 2020 925 views

what kind of work do surgeons do?

I know they operate what else do they do #medicine #surgeon #surgery

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Marie May 15, 2020 1115 views

Thank you!

I know this is for questions but I just want to thank all the professionals for there answers and support
#thank you

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Marie May 15, 2020 895 views

what is best a model or a nurse?

#model #summer #fashion #fashion-design #nursing
#forensic #registered-nurse

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Marie May 14, 2020 761 views

What are different types of medical jobs

#doctor #medical #nursing #medical-school