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Georgy’s Avatar
Georgy May 27, 2023 689 views

How do I pick a college?

How do I choose a college? There are many to choose from, and all say they are the best. Plus, I have to worry about tuition.

Hilda’s Avatar
Hilda May 27, 2023 508 views

Are there any tips on getting your first internship? Are there any career recommendations based on my major and certifications?

I am a business management student in my junior year at college, and I am finding it extremely difficult to find any job opportunities. I am completing certifications on Udemy. Some are in marketing analytics and business analysis. I have no job experience besides being a former student...

ISAIAH’s Avatar
ISAIAH Apr 20, 2023 379 views

How do I keep myself motivated ?

I am a senior in high school

Brietta’s Avatar
Brietta Apr 19, 2023 680 views

When should you start applying for college ?

When should you start applying for college?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 20, 2023 1038 views

What are the benefits are dorming inside a college campus?

Just want some peoples opinions on this.

Luiza’s Avatar
Luiza Apr 21, 2023 654 views

I’m a teen mom getting into college, any tips ?

I’m 17 and getting into college in a few months, is there anything I can do to make this easier?

yeso’s Avatar
yeso Apr 19, 2023 479 views

How Do I get into College?

How do I get into college? What do I need? How much does it typically cost in state? What can I do to prepare for college as a junior in high school? Is it possible to take care of my kid while doing schooling?

Alyna’s Avatar
Alyna Apr 20, 2023 503 views

What happens after college?

I'm still thinking about majors, but I just don't know what happens after college. I'd want to study something involving homeland security, but I know it's more complex than that. I know there's different routes you can take from there, but it's hard to figure that out.

lia’s Avatar
lia Apr 18, 2023 820 views

How to connect and build your network in college?

I've heard about networking and I know what it is but how do you find the right people to network with? Also, what do you do after like do you write down their info and keep it somewhere safe in case you need it?

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Apr 17, 2023 506 views

what are things that i can do to better manage my time?

struggling to time manage

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Apr 17, 2023 758 views

What should I consider when looking for a college out of state?

I would like to go to college out of state, but yet unsure of what I want to do.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Apr 16, 2023 778 views

How do you start finding colleges and universities that best fit with you?

I have lots of interests in many fields, and it is very overwhelming to decide what I want to do and decide where I would like to go for college.

Luna’s Avatar
Luna Apr 16, 2023 428 views

How do you start your college essay?

What are some tips with coming up with a college essay that stands out?

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Apr 15, 2023 409 views

what are some steps to making a business ?

really into businesses

David’s Avatar
David Apr 15, 2023 496 views

what are the things to know before starting a business?