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Frisco, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Zinic’s Avatar
Zinic 3 hours ago 1 view

What skills should you consider when choosing a field?

Like communication, problem solving etc

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa 18 hours ago 94 views

What are the best recommended classes to take in college for a residential architecture major? And will they help me pass the 7 exams to be a licensed architect?

I'm a senior in high school looking for schools to apply to that offer residential architecture majors, as if that wasnt stressful enough, I'm not sure what classes I'm supposed to take to pursue that career path!

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis 2 days ago 68 views

How do you guarantee yourself to be successful, is there a backup plan, or do you have a system?

I’m struggling a little with school, and I just need a little shove in the right direction to get the right mindset to get back in line with everything.

Harshitha’s Avatar
Harshitha Sep 17 91 views

Is it advisable to include an "Interests" section on my resume as an experienced professional with a master's degree. Would this addition be perceived as unprofessional, considering it delves into aspects beyond my technical skills and qualifications??

Please guide me here. I just want to explore different approaches.

adara’s Avatar
adara Sep 17 25 views

What are some great things to say to help get into your dream college?

As in what are some good things on college essays, interviews and so much more. What are great resources to help get into great colleges and what sports or experience.

Maylene’s Avatar
Maylene Sep 08 36 views

What are potential jobs for someone that wants to work with animals?

I'm in highschool and still thinking about what I'm going to study but it's difficult to find options related to work with animals. I also would like to know what is required to get that job, please.

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Sep 08 781 views

What volunteer areas or simple jobs in health care or pharmacy labs are there for a 15-year-old ?

I know there are probably not a lot of healthcare jobs for 15-year-olds, but anything related to healthcare, that does not need to be in a hospital or lab setting is okay. Finding job opportunities and volunteer areas to advance in the career I want to do. Thanks.

Camila’s Avatar
Camila Sep 07 32 views

how do i become a marine biologist

what steps should i take inorder to pursue a field in marine sciences? what classes are requmended and wnat clubs? are there any internships near i can take?

Osvaldo’s Avatar
Osvaldo Sep 04 87 views

What are all the careers available for college/highschool?

I am still not sure what I want to do exactly so I want to see what there is for careers and jobs.

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Sep 01 67 views

When you were in college and felt overwhelmed with classwork and life in general, how did you keep pushing on??

I am currently in my first year majoring in computer science. I need to make sure that I balance attention to my schoolwork and family obligations as well as having some fun. I do not want to fall behind and sometimes the stress of whats to come is overwhelming.

Kaliyah’s Avatar
Kaliyah Aug 29 170 views

what are some good collegs ?

I'm a freshman n high school and I wanna know the best college's for family therapist and Teaching cause that's what I wanna do once I get out of high school.

Rhea’s Avatar
Rhea Aug 23 366 views

What internships are available remotely for high school juniors who would want to major in political science and business administration?

Eventually, I would like to go to law school to become a corporate lawyer. I am trying to niche down my internships to fit either business or political science.

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Aug 20 130 views

What AP classes should I take if I want to work in the medical field?

Hi, I'm a ninth-grade student wanting to work in medicine. I am wondering if any AP courses are related to the medical field and if they would increase the chance of getting into a good college.

ilsa’s Avatar
ilsa Aug 19 84 views

Is becoming a surgeon hard and what major should I study in high school to accomplish that?

Im currently in a program to catch up to the right grade Im supposed to be and earn credits for high school but Im unsure of what major to study once a go to high school.

Johniyah’s Avatar
Johniyah Aug 18 81 views

What are the best ways to prepare for interviews with top-tier management consulting firms McKinsey, Bain, BCG, mainly.?

Looking for both prep tips on the "case" questions, those puzzlers like "How many shaving razors are sold in the U.S. every year," and any personality "fit" questions. If there are any books or web resources, all the better. #interviews #consulting #mckinsey #bain #bcg

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