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Jai B. Jan 17, 2018 283 views

I wonder if I made the right choice on my major

I always wanted to be a forensic scientist, so i wanted to major in Criminal Psychology. But once i started looking into the kind of job I wanted, I changed to Business with a minor in Criminal Psychology. It is the biggest decision I have made in my life. #college #college-major...

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Ruby K. Jan 09, 2018 242 views

What education and training do I need to be a criminal psychologist?

I've always been fascinated by the minds of murderers and criminals and it's my dream job to work with them and be a criminal psychologist. I'm in high school, and I want to start looking at the best colleges to study criminal psychology at early-ish. #criminal-psychology #criminology...


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Arianna C. Jan 19, 2018 241 views

Can I actually find the job of my dreams?

I'm really interested in any and all behavioral sciences, like #sociology, particularly #criminal-psychology or #forensic-psychology. I want to study people, how we work, why we do what we do, and everything associated with us. But I don't know if that dream is reachable. It seems so far...

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Jillian K. Sep 01, 2017 381 views

What branch of psychology would be the best route for me to take if I want to be successful fast out of college?

I have decided that psychology is something I want to further my knowledge in and major in college. Yet, I have recently found out that there are many branches of psychology I can go into. I really enjoy developmental/child psychology and criminal psychology. So, which do you think would be the...

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Ryan C. Apr 09, 2015 769 views
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Amanda L. Mar 23, 2015 529 views

what are the steps to take in order to be a psychologist?

I'm in high school and I want to know what steps are necessary in order to become a psychologist. I have no idea what classes I should take........


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MariaMayela R. Jan 26, 2015 1240 views
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Kiana A. Nov 21, 2014 822 views

What would I need to study to become a criminal psychologist?

I would like to become a criminal psychologist one day. I'm often told many different things about what schooling I would need. Some say that I would need to study criminal justice and psychology simultaneously, and others say that I'm supposed to study psychology first and get a degree in that...

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Jordyn G. Nov 21, 2014 536 views