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Can I actually find the job of my dreams?

I'm really interested in any and all behavioral sciences, like #sociology, particularly #criminal-psychology or #forensic-psychology. I want to study people, how we work, why we do what we do, and everything associated with us. But I don't know if that dream is reachable. It seems so far fetched its almost a fantasy. I know I wont get everything I want in life, but I'd like to find something close to what I aspire to do. My faith in finding a job after college that fulfills what I want is slowly dwindling, can I find something out there?

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2 answers

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Howard’s Answer

Finding the ideal job that meet all your social, emotional, and monetary needs can be a challenge..In reality, many people settle or make compromises but still have fulfilling careers. Since your passions center around psychology and related fields of study, you should look at careers that deal with a lot of interaction with people on a daily basis.. The fields of education and social work are two that comes to mind. these two areas are indeed centered around working with people, helping them find solutions to problems, working on life skills, and generally improving their quality of life.

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Arianna!

A lot of research-type work is associated with universities or medical schools. I imagine there are "technician" positions, but if you want to have a higher role, anticipate needing an advanced degree. Have you ever thought about being a professor? Professors do a lot of research - it is required of them. Universities have protocols in place detailing the requirements for performing research on live subjects. The research aspects will begin while you are in graduate school. The question is, how do you want your research to be used? Once it is out there, everyone can use it, and sometimes not in the way you intended.

I think marketing companies also ask those questions, as they are constantly trying to find ways to get people to buy their products. I know that is a different direction than what you are talking about, I just wanted to mention it.

In an applied setting, you can use your knowledge of human motivational theory to work with people in therapy/rehab. Another option open to you is to become a professional consultant - one who testifies in court, for example.

One thing I have noticed, when working with jobseekers, is that a lot of them were in jobs for which their education and past experiences did not prepare them. I sometimes ask how they got there, and a lot of it comes down to being in the right place at the right time, or networking. Sometimes the easiest way to "Sneak" into a higher professional position is to start as Administrative staff for such a company.

Technician positions can also be used as a stepping stone. One that comes to mind is sleep study technicians. In a sleep lab, patients go there to sleep. The lab has them hooked up to all sorts of monitoring equipment. This is how illnesses such as sleep apnea are diagnosed. The technicians tell me they did not need any special training or education prior to getting hired.

The more flexible you are, including willingness to relocate, the greater your options. Identify several pathways that will lead to your goal, start researching them, and go from there! If you want something very strongly, it is usually attainable. It just depends on how driven you are to get there!

Best of luck!