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what are the steps to take in order to be a psychologist?

I'm in high school and I want to know what steps are necessary in order to become a psychologist.
I have no idea what classes I should take..... #criminal-psychology

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Amanda,

As a psychology student, you will need to take a number of courses that focus on the science of human behavior. Your goal as a student is not only to fulfill the course requirements of your program department, but to also develop critical thinking skills, research competence and in-depth knowledge of psychology that will serve you well as you advance in your academic and career pursuits.

The following are some of the top courses you should consider when selecting classes to take as an undergraduate psychology major.

  1. General Psychology
    This introductory course offers an overview of the entire field of psychology.

  2. History of Psychology
    In order to understand contemporary psychology, it is important to look back at the origins and influences on this science.

  3. Statistics
    This course generally focuses on statistical methods and techniques used by researchers.

  4. Experimental Psychology
    In this course, you will learn about basic research methods and experimental designs.

  5. Physiological Psychology
    In order to form a full understanding of the mind and behavior, it is important to develop your knowledge of the brain, neural actions, sensation and perception, basic neuroanatomy and physiological processes.

  6. Cognitive Psychology
    In this course, you will learn more about the cognitive process that form the foundation of human behavior.

  7. Abnormal Psychology
    Some of the topics studied in this course might include mood disorders, personality disorders, psychosomatic disorders and substance abuse.

  8. Developmental Psychology
    Developmental psychology courses study the course of human development from conception throughout the lifespan.

  9. Social Psychology
    Social psychology courses are focused on the scientific study of social influences on behavior and the interaction between individuals and groups.

  10. Personality Psychology
    A course in personality psychology offers a solid background in the numerous theories of personality development, including Freudian, psychosocial, behavioral, humanistic and existential theories.

I hope this information/links can help you in your choices. All the Best!