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I am pursuing a major in Public Health for my undergraduate degree, however I am also interested in becoming a forensic scientists. How could I pursue this?

I have been interested in forensics for a while, however I have decided to pursue a public health major for my undergraduate degree due to my interest in public health as well. I am wondering if there are any recommendations for becoming a forensic scientist from a public health bachelors degree. #forensic #forensic-analysis #forensic-pathology

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Sharlene,

In this link you can have the types of Forensic Sciences:

To become a Forensic Scientist you will need:

  • A bachelor’s degree – get a degree in science (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.), but also take courses in math, statistics, and writing skills.

  • An advanced degree – some jobs, such as psychiatrist, anthropologist, or pathologist require advanced degrees and specialized training.

  • Good speaking skills – take public speaking; join the drama club, toastmasters, or the debate team.

  • Good note-taking and observation skills – take laboratory courses.

  • The ability to write an understandable scientific report

  • The ability to be unbiased

  • Intellectual curiosity

  • Personal integrity


I hope this information can help you to make your choices. Good luck!