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How do I prepare myself for a career in forensic sciences?

It would be helpful to know what classes are recommended for me to take in college and any advise from professionals that may help me in the future. #forensic #forensic-analysis #forensic-psychology

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2 answers

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Ines’s Answer

Hi Kirsten!

Some tips to start your career in forensic sciences:

  • it is actually a career that requires a lot of effort (not trying to discourage you, but encourage you to give your best from the beginning, it will make your path easier)
  • there is people that focus this career more in the "scientist, analytics" field, while other ones are more interested in its behavioural, therapy-related part. Feel free to find your own dose of each in order to focus on what inspires your the most in this career.
  • you will eventually manage sensitive information, which can be hard... techniques like meditation, mindfulness or therapy can help you in the moments you might feel overwhelmed

Forensic sciences is a wonderful career path with many opportunities. Although it might not be for everyone, if you feel like you belong to this field I encourage you to go for it!

Best regards,

Ines A.

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santhosh’s Answer

preparing yourself for a career in forensic science at an early stage in education by studying various science courses such as physics and ...