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Judith’s Avatar
Judith May 17, 2016 631 views

Should i do forensics as a general topic or chose a specific area?

I think all ares of forensic science is cool but i am wondering if i should major in forensics as a general science or as something specific like anthropology or pathology. #forensics

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine May 21, 2016 1359 views

What jobs could I get with a forensics degree?

I plan to major in forensics. #forensics #forensic-analysis #forensic-psychology #computer-forensics #forensic-pathology #forensic-chemistry

shirley’s Avatar
shirley Feb 08, 2017 710 views

what can you do with a forensic degree if you do not manage to get a forensic job?

its really hard to get forensic related jobs die to the closure of the Birmingham forensic services and most forensic jobs require experience of which the majority of university leavers will not have. #forensic #recruiting #recruitment

khalia’s Avatar
khalia May 30, 2017 787 views

what are the best colleges offering forensic science programs and are any summer programs that would help me better understand what i would need to do in order to major/study this in college?

When I first started high school, I wanted to become a pediatrician, but as the years went on I became more interested in forensics. I want to pursue forensic science/ criminal science as a career but I don't know where to start. #college #forensic #criminal-investigations

Citlali’s Avatar
Citlali May 30, 2017 5018 views

What are the best majors to take if aiming to become a forensic pathologist?

I'm trying to plan how to become a forensic pathologist but I'm having some trouble in choosing a major. I understand that a doctorate is needed but the only information that I can find on majors says that a bachelor degree in science is needed. Is there any benefit to certain science majors...

Lizeth’s Avatar
Lizeth Jun 19, 2017 786 views

If I major in Physics, what career choices are available to me?

I'm planning to major in Physics and while I'm not terribly passionate about it, I was wondering what career paths branch out from Physics. #mathematics #physics

C’s Avatar
C Jun 20, 2017 4552 views

Is it okay to ask for reference from your previous employer on Facebook ?

college student, seeking an internship position, which requires three professional references on the reference page. i've sent formal email to my previous employer, but I haven't gotten any reply yet. I really need the reference before next week. We are FB friends, is it appropriate to...