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Career Questions tagged Oil

Tristan’s Avatar
Tristan Jul 26, 2021 521 views

How long should I expect to be away from home as a pipe welder?

I'm looking to become a pipe welder and I was wondering how much time I should expect to be working in a day and if I should be prepared to travel like most other oilfield jobs. #welder #pipe-welder #oilfield #westtexas #texas #welding #oil

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Apr 21, 2020 432 views

Try to find a job after changing major from petroleum to finance

Hello, I have a degree in Geoscience (petroleum specializaton) and will take a finance master this year. Could you give me any advice on career path? I know that networking is very important in the business field but I find it not easy to build relationship. Could you provide any suggestion on...

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Oct 30, 2016 726 views

Do you see a lot of cross-over in the areas of expertise of people with different Earth Science degrees?

There are many different degrees relating to Earth Science, like Geophysics, Applied or Near-Surface Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geology, pure Earth Science, etc, and different colleges offer different ones. I know that there are technically differences between them, but I also know that...

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Oct 20, 2016 1492 views

Is Petroleum Engineering a viable career?

Let's be honest, the oil industry is pretty rocky right now, should I consider a career in the field if I think it might be unreliable? #engineering #career-choice #oil