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What is it like seeing a car you've designed being both tested and then in the future, sold and driven?

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Is it a feeling of excitement or rather a feeling of worry that something could go wrong in the car then you're to blame? #automotive #mechanical-engineering #cars

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Sam’s Answer


Hello Taylor,

I work in product development, and I am always excited when my product goes to market. The projects I have worked on and the team members I have worked with have always strived to do a good job and produce quality results. Product development, depending on the scope of work, for me has ranged from a couple of months to about a year in length. During this time much design work, calculations/analysis, prototyping, and testing is done before the product is released to the market. This is a lot of work and if the product makes it to the end of the development process, you will be excited.

Hope this helps!!